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Over 50% of songs missing from my playlist!

Over 50% of songs missing from my playlist!






Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra, windows laptop, desktop browsers

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Android, Windows


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I reached out to support via email and keep getting the run around. More than 50% of songs on one of my playlists disappeared overnight. 


I did not delete the songs and they are still available on Spotify as they are still in my library, just not my playlist.


I've already tried logging in/out, reinstalling, and showing unplayable songs.


If I view my Spotify listening history it shows about a month back my playlist has all the songs. Now it just has a few random albums. I'm really sad about this as I've been building this playlist since 2015. Could you please help me restore it? On Spotify community I saw that this has happened to others and they were able to get most/all of their old playlists restored by your team.


Please help! 😔

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