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Played podcast episodes playing, not unplayed

Played podcast episodes playing, not unplayed

Why is Spotify playing podcast episodes that I have listened to and are marked as played, instead of moving the next chronological unplayed episode? I've had this happen on multiple podcasts, one episode will finish, and then instead of going to the next unplayed episode, it will just start up either the next episode which was already played, so simply jump to another played episode. I've had this happen on both iOS and PC platforms. Not sure what category to put this in, so I'm sticking it here and hope to get some help.
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If you haven't already I recommend filtering the episodes to Unplayed and changing the sorting between Newest/Oldest to test if that would make any difference. You can do this both on iOS and in the desktop app.


After you've made this change, log out > log back in twice in a row which will help re-sync your account and the device you're using.


Additionally it's always a good idea to keep Spotify up-to-date.


Keep us posted 🙂

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