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Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

In March 2023, we're removing the Playlist Radio option from the playlist context menu. We'd like to hear your thoughts and feedback about this change in the comments.


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Are we removing the whole radio feature?

No, we are only removing Playlist Radio. Track/artist and album radios will still be available.


Do we have features where users can have a similar experience?

Yes, right now we have the enhance button or the recently rolled out smart shuffle to give recommendations based on user-created playlists.

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I just found that feature a couple months ago because it wasn't readily apparent and I agree, it was an amazing feature. This whole new redesign of the app is atrocious. I don't know where to air my grievance to make it more impactful.

They will never bring it back. They are determined to remove as many previously enjoyed features as possible.

As a music lover, I have always appreciated the convenience of being able to listen to an endless stream of songs based on my favorite playlist. The playlist radio feature was one of my favorite ways to discover new artists and songs that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Unfortunately, since the feature was removed, my experience on the platform has not been the same. I miss the ability to discover new music effortlessly and have a personalized listening experience based on my preferences.

Therefore, I would like to request that you consider bringing back the playlist radio feature. I believe that this feature was a valuable part of your platform, and many users, including myself, miss it dearly.

Awful decision to remove a great feature... please bring it back.

I used this a lot and now it’s gone.  This is bad.

Why remove this great feature? Please bring back the playlist radio option!!!!  Now have to use a computer to play!?? Not good.

This has been by far my favourite feature of Spotify. I don't get why it's been removed. Any reason, or is it just one of those things companies do because they need to be seen to be doing something...even if it sucks?

By the way, smart shuffle isn't a solution. It cannot be used in public playlists it is only available for personal ones I'm crossing my fingers that the next update will bring the playlist radio feature back. Can't wait for it!


Smart shuffle is not a good enough substitute in my opinion. I listen to my playlist radios because the do a good job of capturing the original playlist vibe without still requiring me to listen to/skip all the songs I already put in it. Please bring the playlist radio feature back. 

I feel like I must be losing my mind or something, but hasn't there always been an option to start a radio from a playlist?? Why is this option gone? 

It suddenly dissappeared in the Android-App. I use the function  all the Time. I hope this is just a Bug?

I also use the feature all the time and noticed it gone on iOS, hope it gets fixed soon

I greatly prefer playlist radio to enhanced shuffle, please don’t remove my favorite and most used feature for something that doesn’t fulfill what I use radio for, to find music similar to that on my playlist but not clog up my queue with songs I’ve heard so much already

This is how I discover new music, and I fear they ditched it to push their new video tiles, which would be a fatal decision for this subscriber. 

I've just spoken to a Spotify agent about this on their contact page. Unfortunately it seems like a loss of feature due to the new update. Might be worth feeding this back to their support team to get the feature reactivated in a new update! 


The agent was lovely and took the feedback really well 🙂 

I have just cancelled my subscription due to this, it was the only feature I used 😥

This was a feature that I used every day. I find new content for my playlists via the radio feature. Why would you all remove a feature that is used by so many users without some sort of notification or community vote? The Enhance feature is not the same and doesn’t work on public playlists. Nobody wants to unlock their phone to select the next Enhance song in the list when they’re trying to find new music. This is a horrible user experience and it’s very frustrating to have your favorite feature removed.


I have been a faithful Spotify subscriber for over 10 years. I have not once wanted to look at other platforms until now. Nobody wants to have to swap platforms after building playlists on a platform for years. Think about your users and the reason we all pay $10-$20 a month.

I used this, in fact it was only option to extend suggestions semiautomatic, i gave very bad thoughts about this and found this article when trying to understand where is my feature, please restore radio by playlist and radio by mixes! Without this feature suggested mixes turn into raw pop music. Thinking about other platforms now.

Bring our feature back, fire the marketing officer or how you call this useless role in your company ! This is our feedback !

It was one of the features I used the most. Now that it is gone without Spotify bringing a reason why they would do this, I seriously think about ending my Premium subscription. I wonder: Why would you bring updates all the time that mess up the whole system? Never change a winning system ... but Spotify does.

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