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Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

In March 2023, we're removing the Playlist Radio option from the playlist context menu. We'd like to hear your thoughts and feedback about this change in the comments.


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Are we removing the whole radio feature?

No, we are only removing Playlist Radio. Track/artist and album radios will still be available.


Do we have features where users can have a similar experience?

Yes, right now we have the enhance button or the recently rolled out smart shuffle to give recommendations based on user-created playlists.

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Spotify, there are 51 pages with negative feedback here. Please consider bringing back this feature. The new smart shuffle is not an adequate replacement.

Smart Shuffle is dramatically inferior to Playlist Radio

Agreed (smart shuffle sucks)

Why would Spotify remove Playlist radio? This was one of the main selling points when I bring my friends to Spotify. Such a great and unique feature that I used daily. Very disappointed. Goes against the entire reason we use Spotify.

Sorry, but there are more than a thousand comments and three thousand likes for the relating topic. What do you waiting for!? You have to be blind to ignore it! Why are we still deprived of this feature?

Spotify is such a joke. They constantly add useless features and more ads for premium subscribers, and now they've gotten rid of one of the few features that was genuinely useful.


It feels like every update from Spotify makes the product worse. Fortunately there are plenty of competing music streaming services out there these days. 

Could you stop removing features that help us find new music, I swear it seems as if spotify has done nothing but gets worse with age.

Why has a moderator not addressed this 52 pages of comments later??? 


so you asked for feedback and you got it. It’s been a year and people are still passionately complaining about it. Every day I still click those 3 dots hoping that it returned. If there was no intention of listening to our feedback then why did you ask for it? Better yet, why didn’t you just listen to all of the feedback and ixnay the plan to take that feature away? “Ideas” were created in separate posts to bring it back and received more than enough votes. Are we just being ignored? What’s going on?

My guess is that this was a cost cutting measure as running a query to create radio based on an entire playlist would probably be expensive. Looking at their increase in profit it's probably working!

Enhanced Shuffle probably just plays a song similar to the one before it; rather than looking at the entire playlist (which is why it sucks!). 

The only way way they will address this is if they see an impact to churn; so let's get serious about moving away; I think apple music radio is pretty strong; but can't be targeted to specific playlists either; I made the switch this month; you can use SongShift to export songs and playlists. 

I've been missing the Playlist Radio since the day it was gone. I honestly don't understand why Spotify would actively remove a function that was working perfectly for so many people, unless they want to bring it back in some shape of form with an AI sticker on top to charge extra or something... but to just remove without anything decent in its stead is just downright silly.
I'm done waiting for it to come back, seriously considering canceling my subscription and go somewhere else.

They're not caring. I've left. Tidal**bleep** EDM curator and I still
like it better, especially now they've made included hi fi w/ regular plan
($10) I'm working on an app in node that will move your liked songs over
using the API . You'll need to run it yourself but all the existing
services want you to pay for a sub to their transition service. S43Ryn on

Fairly certain there's a few more threads about this that are being ignored by Spotify. Especialy since they can't give a decent answer as to why they'd remove a function that wasn't harming anyone by just being there. 

Hi, I'm just noticing that the radio feature is missing from my desktop experience.


To quote @adamdan

"Spotify is always testing possible improvements, so you or someone else may see something new or get a limited feature temporarily on the app."


So the issue I'm having here: I've always used the radio feature on playlists to generate a continuous stream of mood-appropriate music. This often works really well. The very idea that I have to stop what I am doing in the middle of the day and google how to use an application that I've been using for what....10+ years...only to not find a reasonable solution (the "Enhance" feature isn't present either). Whatever brand affinity I had left has totally tanked here, gang. Thanks for "testing out " stripping features from my paid account. 

This is the dumbest thing Spotify has ever done. This was by far the best feature the app offered. Bring it back.

What more can I say? Spotify you suck greatly. Why don't you take some feedback from customers BEFORE the change - not AFTER some stupid changes? Dang you! 


I'm testing Apple Music with "FreeYourMusic" app and that'll be it for me. I'm done. 

I must say that I'm still using a few Windows 7 computers with a version of Spotify that is unable to update.

Playlist Radio is still available on my outdated version.

That tells me that it can't be impossible for Spotify to bring it back.

I love Playlist Radio, and once I fire it up on the PC I can log out and close the software.

It's still runs on my Google Home.

If I leave the PC software running I can grab the history and make a killer playlist.

Then if I want I can do a Playlist Radio from that playlist.

Getting rid of the Playlist Radio feature was a silly mistake.

My Windows 7 Spotify version  is

I wonder if anyone has that software saved somewhere.


Playlist radio was an excellent way to explore new music. My vote is to get it back!

The Radio function was fantastic for finding related songs. Using a single song or artist as a starting point is either too narrow or too broad. Playlist Radio, however, let you fine-tune your playlist gradually. You could start with a general vibe, use the Playlist Radio to find more songs, add those, and keep refining. This incremental improvement isn't possible with the current Radio or smart shuffle. Bringing back Playlist Radio would greatly enhance the user experience.

another completely moronic choice from spotify, you have to love corporate innovation 🙂 i can't wait till they bring it back and put it behind a paywall, like they did with lyrics! innovation is great, i hope they get rid of all the music in the next update i think that would be fun and cool

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