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Playlist and "liking" track/albums questions

Playlist and "liking" track/albums questions



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Samsung S7


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My Question or Issue

Whilst I do like Spotify and it does have a great selection of music to delve into I do have some frustrations with it. I know there is an ideas section on the forums somewhere but I wonder if any of the suggestions are ever implemented, indeed, is/are there patch release notes that outline what new features have been implemented (or taken away)


1: On an Android device: I play a playlist on shuffle, I have the album cover displayed and I want to remove the song from the playlist. I click the 3 dots in the top right, I can add to a playlist but cannot remove it, the 3 horizontal lines in the bottom right, shows me the track, indeed shows me all the subsequent tracks in the playlist but cannot remove it or indeed any of the tracks from the playlist there. The only way I can find for me to do this, is go into my library > find the playlist > sort by title (if not already done so) > find the track and delete it from there.


This is messy and less than ideal. Rather than pointing me to an idea that is probably never going to be implemented what is Spotify investigating in order to make removing tracks from playlists easier?


2: I’ve not 100% proof on this but I am pretty sure that I have liked albums/tracks in the past and when I have refound/relistened to the album the like indicator is gone and ive readded it. It isn’t helped by the fact that with Spotify it is easy to add (or think you’ve added) lot of tracks or albums so you begin to self-doubt whether you have indeed “liked” it in the past.


3: Question, If I am viewing an album and I press the loveheart (I dislike that icon for some reason) does it put every track from that album into the Liked Songs list?


I think that’s it for now.



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