Playlist causes display issues, probably because of its name

Playlist causes display issues, probably because of its name

spotify:playlist:5u4G1E3tJwVwuEy4kwrV5S has an empty (or weird symbol?) name.

I had this playlist in a folder in my playlist tree and all playlist after this one were not shown (next folder was shown, this affected only the folder the playlist was in. Instead empty lines were shown)
After unlikeing the playlist the "missing ones" were shown again.
After red-adding the playlist it does not show up in the playlist tree

Spotify für Windows

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Hey there @JohnnyD4,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


As this playlist has no name (this happens usually when the list has been reported), it may cause trouble when trying to save it.

The described issues could get fixed by clearing your saved cache data.
You may follow this thread to find out how this can be done 🙂


Hope you'll find this information useful.
Let us know if further questions arise.


Many thanks!

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