Playlist curation question mixing genre


Playlist curation question mixing genre


I had a question about some of the playlist on Spotify.  I have been noticing that some of the genre specific playlist that I like are getting modified to include music that does not fit the genre.  For example, there is a list for Grunge list I used to like and now there is other music showing up in the rotation, Revolta Permanent, Tam Tam Go!, Miss Caffeina, Viva Suecia, La Bien Querida, Epica, Marea, Old Crow Medicine Show, Leynyrd Skynyrd, Molotov.  It doesn't really fit the genre or it is from totally the wrong time period.  I am not trying to be a snob here about playlists, but this isn't the only one where it is like the first 20-30 songs are classiflied right then there there are a bunch of other unrelated stuff in the list.  

Is there anything I can do to clean up the lists or should I just create my own list and call it a day.  


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Hi there @C_S_S,

thanks for posting !


Unfortunately, changing Spotify curated playlists isn't an option on the app.

I would always suggest making your own playlists to help the Spotify app make itself way more suitable to your music taste.


The more you listen the more it aligns with your taste.

Hope this helps 🙂

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