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Playlist private or public

Playlist private or public


Free but have been long time paid member





Windows laptop

Operating System

Windows 11 with Chrome Web Browser


My Question or Issue

First of this is laughable to me that I have to post in the community to get a answer to something so simple. <Holds head and shakes it> Searched the FAQ, the forum, Google search.  No offense to the forum helpers but for Spotify the company.


"Make playlists public or private
All new playlists you create are public by default. When you make a playlist private, nobody can access it, even if they have a link to it or search for it by name.

To make a playlist private:

Tap or click 3 dots vertical / 3 dots horizontal at the top of the playlist.
Select Make private.
Tip: To make your private playlists public again, select Make public instead."


Why is there no option to make a playlist private???

Article appears to allude to the three ... menu but there is no option under it in the website. Later in the article it alludes to a default option thru the Computer App? So is this pertaining to the whole situation or just some more info as its under a different section?


That's like saying.

You can walk with two legs by standing up*

*(only/maybe well in the app)



Might be nice if the writer of that article updated it saying

YOU MUST be using the app.

Seems quite deceptive and confusing.

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