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Playlist radio repeating songs

Playlist radio repeating songs

Plan- Premium

Country- United States

Device- iPhone X, Windows PC

My Question or Issue- Playlist radio seems to constantly play the same songs. I've noticed several times that playlist radio will repeat songs within 20 minutes of playing it the last time. For example, today I noticed the song "Bring Me Your Loves" was playing about once every five songs (see pictures).


I listen to Spotify a lot and wish the radio feature did a better job at playing a variety of songs to keep things fresh. Unfortunately the algorithm is taking music I enjoy and playing it so much that I get sick of it. It's making me consider switching platforms. 

spotify 2.png
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Hey @somethingaboutus,


Thanks for posting on the Community and welcome.

In this case, and just to confirm, is this happening on all the devices you've logged in? If yes, please let us know.

On another note, we couldn't replicate this inconvenience on our end. That being said, we recommend you listen to new/different music than what you're used to, so the algorithm might recommend different tracks in future playlist radios you create. Keep in mind radios are based not only on the song/album/playlist you use to create them, but your listening habits as well.

We'll be on the lookout!

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Hi Aleja,


Yes, I get songs repeating within 20-30 minutes of starting radio on all my devices. This happens on multiple stations in diverse genres of music. It just seems like the radio doesn't do a good job at playing a variety without repeats.


I have to say that your suggestion to listen to different music seems like a poor solution. First of all, I already play a wide range of music - my last Spotify wrapped reports I listened to 151 genres and 1,800 artists. My favorites playlist contains around 1,000 songs. Even if my tastes were narrow, asking the user to change their listening habits feels backwards. It seems like a platform such as Spotify has the resources to rework its algorithms and provide a better user experience. At the very least, the radio should be able to play for a couple of hours before hearing the same songs again. 






Macbook Pro 2017

Operating System

MacOS Monterey (12.5.1)


My Question or Issue

Every so often, a song gets stuck in a radio playlist in a quite weird way:

It gets repeated very often (5-7 times) but always with exactly 4 other songs in between. It's not always the same song, but it seems some songs are more affected by this issue (I also banned some songs from the radio already because of this, but then another song gets stuck).


Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 10.52.11.png

Hi folks,


Thanks for the posts.


In order to get to the bottom of this we'll need a bit more info:

  • Are you listening through your phone/ PC directly or through Spotify Connect on a speaker?
  • What is the original playlist which you start the Radio from and does the same song appear always, even if you start Radio from another playlist/ song?
  • Does it happen right away when the Radio starts or after some time of listening (30 mins, 1 hour??)?

Looking forward to your replies.

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Thanks Alex for moving my post here.


Some additional info, that might be helpful:


I sometimes run Spotify without switching radio-station for days or even weeks, and I think it usually does not occur right away, but a few hours in.

Switching Radios seems to counter the issue somewhat. I will keep observing...

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