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Playlist won’t open

Playlist won’t open

Spotify will literally not open my playlist and it is obnoxious 

Country Why does this matter USA 


iPhone 7 Plus

spotify premium 

Operating System iOS 13 

My Question or Issue

Spotify will not open or play my playlist I think it may be too big? But now I can’t even see the songs so if I wanted to break it up I can’t it’s about 4 years of my music and around 6000 plus songs, I don’t really want to just forget about it. But as of right now there’s genuinely nothing I can do about this I tried opening it from my computer and that did nothing as well. I’m attaching the playlist out of the hopes someone can either open it or provide more information Thank you 


after trying to link the playlist I’m not allowed to for whatever reason I’m not sure what to do but I’m genuinely unhappy with this. 


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I had the same problem on pc with my playlist.


To solve this i opened the playlist on my phone and then refreshed the playlist on my pc. 

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