[Playlists] How dare you?


[Playlists] How dare you?


Thank you for offering a "Hide announcements" button for announcements of no interest to me even if I PAY for you to leave me alone and spare me your "ideas".

So, this software is full of bugs (on mobile and desktop) but I still use it because it's the best thing out there so far. I don't know how but at the beginning of the year my account got hacked. YES. Even though I keep all my accounts secure and I don't ever log in on other devices, my account got hacked; Eventually, I changed my password so everything's good now.


But, after I pay, every month, for PREMIUM, I still got this annoying "suggestion": stupid.png


How dare you?? I pay for premium so you guys should leave me alone and stop with your superficial ads and suggestions. In case people wonder what the message inside the flames means: "Best hits so far in one playlist.. blah blah".  Who decided that awful music is of interest to me? That music doesn't represent me at all. That music has nothing to do with what I'm usually listening on Spotify. You can see what kind of music your users like so why suggesting something that is totally against my music tastes? How dare you?

And who decides that those are the "greatest hits"?  How dare you?

I pay for you to leave me alone and just let me use your software, therefore, please respect my wish and stop with the flaming, fiery, frivolous messages like the one above. How dare you?


Not cool, Spotify!

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Re: [Playlists] How dare you?


These annoucements are considered as promotions not ads and you can hide them.