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[Playlists] fix spotify please

[Playlists] fix spotify please

Honestly, why on earth would you remove the "don't play this user/artist" feature in the daily mix option? I don't make any sense what so ever, it's so annyoing that I cannot remove annoying artists and songs that I have gone tired of listening to / are just bad, so it's really really frustrating this isn't an option anymore.


Also, my daily mixes don't update, and there's only like 50 songs in each daily mix and they just repeat themselves after all the songs has been listened to.


And idea:

please do, so you can add artists / songs that you like to one of your daily mixes.

Ex. If I want to make a daily mix, but I couldn't bother listening to it a million times in order for spotify to know I liked it, I could just add it to the algorithm manually.

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