Podcasts are not syncing played/unplayed status or the current play time.


Podcasts are not syncing played/unplayed status or the current play time.





USA/Hong Kong


iPhone Xs, Galaxy S10+, Macbook Pro, Custom windows desktop

Operating System

iOS, Android, macOS, Windows


My Question or Issue

I'm listening to podcasts that are pretty long, usually around 190 minutes. When I pause the podcast for a while on my main device, the Galaxy s10+, it doesn't keep the correct time in the podcast when I pick it back up. I constantly end up re-listening to the same content over and over again. The same goes for other devices. I'll be working on windows for a while, pause it, quit spotify or shut down and go to bed. When I get up, the podcast is back to the same time it's started at the last 3 times I've played it. This happens on macOS and iOS too and that's just on one device not even switching between them. When I change devices it sometimes updates but usually I have to scrub through to the right spot again. 


It also refuses to save played and unplayed status. I finally had to make this post because at the end of each of the last 5 podcasts, it's taken me all the way back to episode 77.  I've marked it played, unplayed, and played again. I've scrubbed to the end of the track and listened to the last 30 seconds 5 times now. I've deleted my cache and files, re-signed in, deleted the app, reinstalled... It just always goes back to episode 77 and then I have to open the app and scroll down to 144 or 145. Even when I've filtered to only show unplayed, jump to it and mark it played it's still there. 

Edit: I've only been able to troubleshoot the played/unplayed status on Android. I can't seem to find a way to mark things played on Windows.