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Random person showed up as collaborator on one of my playlists

Random person showed up as collaborator on one of my playlists



Operating System

Android 12


My Question or Issue

A person (who I have NO idea who they are,and whom I never interacted with) showed on one of my playlists as some sort of collaborator? It's important to point out that this playlist was NEVER collaborative: I made it and I added and rearranged all of the songs in it. Yet this person's profile is linked in every one of them? What the duck? 

4 Replies

this happened to me too like an hour ago

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting in the Community and for the info shared. 


In this case, for starters we recommend making a copy of the affected playlist. To do it, you just need to select the playlist in your mobile device app, then, on the three dot menu, select Add to other playlist > New playlist.


Once you've done that, if you wish, you can make sure the playlist is not visible on your account's profile. You can do it by going to the playlist's three dot menu, and select Remove from profile.


Lastly, it's always a good idea to secure your account in these cases to make sure everything is in order. You can find out more on how to secure your account here. We also suggest you access your account page and there you'll have to sign out everywhere, using the button you'll find by scrolling to the bottom of the Account Overview page.


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I have exactly the same and I am not able to delete the songs that were added.

The person is still in my list as a collaborator. I changed my password and logged out of all profiles but it still seems they are in there.



I have a playlist with over 250 followers, and just checked and some are showing as “collaborators”. The playlist is shared but no one was given collaborator access by me. And my account is secure. 

I suspect the problem lies with this. I copied the ‘shared’ link to a forum post and people who click on the link are added as collaborators.  I really don’t think I clicked on the ‘invite collaborators’ option but I suppose it’s possible. 


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