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Recently Played and On Repeat playlist has random artist

Recently Played and On Repeat playlist has random artist

Hello all 🙂 !


I've been having this one particular issue for a while now. It says my top artist of all time is Vale Pain with his album 2020 and specifically his song Untouchable. I have never heard of this artist before he arrived on my On Repeat playlist randomly like a month or so ago. I now see via Spotify Stats that his song is my top track of all time despite me never listening to him or his song before. He wasn't in my 2019 rewind and I have been actively listening to songs by different artists on repeat so why is he still in the On Repeat Playlist? I thought blocking the song and artist would prevent this from happening but it continues. I see this isn't a new issue and other users have mentioned similar cases but in my case its one song and one artist. Any tips would be very appreciated as this is starting to annoy me especially when I see his mug pop up out of nowhere with Spotify recommending his album as an evening playlist. 


Best wishes,

Zest ✌️

Vale Pain pt 3.png
Vale Pain pt 2.png
Vale Pain pt 1.png
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Does anyone else in your family use the same account as you on a different device it could be that?

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