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Why my Release Radar doesn’t show my favorited artist’s newest song, but keeps showing me Justin Bieber songs every week? (I blocked JB of playing in Spotify so it won’t play it anyway.)

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You are right, the Spotify playlists that are made individually for you work weirdly. Often times, they will try to show songs of an entire genre you listen to, and possibly favourize the more popular songs. You may be able to find some suggestions about this you support on the ideas page, and this page includes some interesting info on how these playlists that are made for you work.

I hope my answer was helpful to you, and I wish you a great day (Assuming you are already sleeping).


Although I must add: The new songs of your favorited artists should definitely appear on your release radar, and if you have this turned on, you should even get emails when they upload new music.


It must be true though I don’t listen anything from Pop genre. My top genres are Trap, Bass and Dubstep so (as far as I know about Justin Bieber) his music surely falls out of my view. Other artist always popping up like this is Ed Sheeran. I blocked his music too. Might be that their music is promoted? I’ve read something about this in another thread. Anyway, thanks for the clarification on the Release Radar.


Yes, you see, I don't think they are promoted, they don't really need that, but I think that especially the release radar wants to include not only the songs you would listen to but also songs from artists that are like at the top of Spotify. Well, who knows, maybe they are promoted. Spotify pays artists by their share of the total Spotify listeners they have.

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