Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist


Release Radar includes wrong artist with same name as desired artist


I constantly find my Release Radar recommending songs by an artist (say A) with the same name as an artist (say A') that I might actually wanna listen to. This is extremely dumb as an issue because these two artists are listed as genuinely different artists in Spotify and the newly recommended song by a wrong artist is listed as a song of A' in the system. A reasonable conclusion is that at least Release Radar does not look into the artist IDs but just merely refers to their names. This happens to like 5 different artists to me and my Release Radar is contaminated by songs which I have absolutely no interest in. I believe this is a very basic bug that can be fixed in like 5 minutes.


Here's an as short as possible version of a previous post in this thread, explaining the behavior of the Release Radar.


  • I receive tracks from artists I don't follow at all in my Release Radar - This is intended and we don't plan on changing this. The Release Radar doesn't only help you keep track of artists you follow, but is meant to allow you to discover new music from others we think you might enjoy. It is also one way for Spotify to help artists get their music noticed.


  • I get music that I don't enjoy at all in my Release Radar - This means our algorithm doesn't know your music taste so well. There can be many reasons behind this, but the rule of thumb to improve the music you receive in the automatically generated playlists for you is to listen to music without a private session, use the like and hide features, have more intentional music listening habits rather than opportunity based and when you discover something new that you enjoy, listen to it proportionally more than other content. Following these guidelines should give you better recommendations in time. It will still not be perfect and it can vary from person to person, but we're constantly improving these as we go.


  • I get tracks from artists that are named exactly the same as ones I follow and enjoy, but it turns out the track is unrelated to that artist and they only have the same name. - This happens if a track initially gets erroneously uploaded to the artist you follow. It can be that the error is already corrected by the time your Release Radar updates, but it already captured the track on its upload. It can happen with featured artists as well. Currently, there's no technical solution in place than can prevent errors like this happening, as we rely on submitted metadata. If you spot an incorrect content, it's best to report it as described here. Make sure your report is clear. If you can't find an artist profile with the same name as the one you follow, it probably hasn't been created yet and is part of the reason the error occurred. Point that out in your report to ensure it can be processed efficiently.
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Yeah let's keep this at the top.


Wrong artists this week:













Again 10 artists in my Release Radar that are not what I was expecting:

* The Cult
* Tesla
* Dio
* Engel
* Nightingale
* Foreigner
* Kyng
* Jackyl
* Lucifer
* Elysion

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This is crazy that Spotify doesn't care enough about the artists or their customers to actually address this.


I'll keep doing a weekly update here too.  Great idea!


And if Spotify doesn't ar least give a meaningful response I'll be shopping around. The biggest drawback to switching is losing my Playlist.  But I may have to make the switch because is pretty bad.

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Encountered this problem a few times the last few months, mostly with heavy metal artists. Wrong Polar, wrong Caliban, wrong Architects, etc. Spoke to support today, who also asked me to delete my phone's (where the main issue supposedly was) cache, do a clean reinstall, and also resetted the connection between my device and their server (or sth like that). They didn't address why I'm getting releases from artists I don't follow (e.g. Sia, I don't listen to her at all, yet I get her songs in my RR), though. I'll only know next week if this helped, so if it did I'll update y'all.

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Gave it two weeks, but no dice. The resetting "fix" didn't work, I still have the wrong Red and Polar and stuff in my release radar.


is there any solution in the meantime? I have been experiencing this problem for over a year now as well. With artists that steal names like:

- Slash
- Clueso
- John Williams
- Racer-X

- Santana 


spotify what do you need in order to fix it? I million people reporting it?


The issue is probably so far down on their list of priorities that they just don't give a shīt, unfortunately. 

They're too busy trying to develop their platform into a "pay-for-play" model it looks like 👀


Hey everyone!

It's Friday and we all know that means... Release Radar time!

I've posted in this thread a lot before since I've been experiencing this "wrong artist" issue for well over a year now, so last month I told myself "hey, what if I can make a work around with Spotify's Web API?". So, here we are!

I am in no way affiliated with Spotify, simply an avid user, but I'm happy to announce I've made a small tool in the meantime using their API to create a workaround. The web app will first fetch the entire list of artists you follow (I'd like to assume you're following at least one artist), and will then search the last 3 albums and last 3 singles for each artist released within the last month. If it finds something it will place the entire album/single into a public playlist into your account.

Given that this tool searches for both albums and singles, there are cases where you will notice duplicate tracks. Just be aware that technically they are different releases!

This playlist can get long since it will add entire albums, so be mindful of that too and also consider you don't need to generate it that often. It might make sense to generate a playlist once or twice a month, depending on what you feel suits your needs, since as mentioned before, it looks back a month from the date you generate a playlist.

Again, since this is a basic app, it does not track previously generated playlists to prevent things like the same tracks from the last time you use it from appearing in the next playlist you generate.

This app will also not suggest releases from artists similar to those you do.

This app will also keep track of your generated playlist ID in a browser cookie, so that it can keep updating the same playlist without generating duplicate playlists. That being the case, the playlist ID will not be present if you chose to run this tool on a new device, resulting in having more than two of the same playlists.

You are free to set this playlist to private and it will still get updated.

You can read more info about it at the about page.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
You're free to review all the code at my github:

Happy listening!

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plan : premium

OS : windows 10

spotify desktop


same problem here, but this is not new, 




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Any official response or explanation on why actually happening?.. It is so annoying and frequent that I'm almost about to pack my stuff and move to other service.

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I've disliked many artists I like already because of this isssue.



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I've encountered a similar problem with my favorite Italian artist Emma.

Multiple artists figure with this name. For example, I found this song in my Release Radar - the artist I follow was tagged, but who's singing is an English-speaker.


This really detracts from the value of Release Radar and Discover Weekly for me. I've probably heard more from this obscure rapper called DEVO than the New Wave band I actually listen to. 


I guess I should start a heavy metal band called Drake to get some free emo rap fan listens...  


I'd consider Release Radar a core Spotify feature, as much as I do Daily Mixes and Discover Weekly. Maybe that's just me, but it's a huge let down to have wrong artists suggested when a unique identifier like artist ID exists.

Here's 1980s DEVO's Spotify page, with a completely different DEVO's album showing up.
Devo Artist PageDevo Artist Page
Here is the wrong DEVO in the Release Radar. Clicking on DEVO led me to the page above.

Devo in Release RadarDevo in Release Radar

The Spotify desktop app allows a song to be flagged with two options: "I don't like this song" and "I don't like <artist>". It'd at least be nice to have an option for "This is not the correct <artist>", but that'd require tracking the correct artist ID, which obviously Release Radar is not doing at all.

To top things off I'm subscribed to email notifications for Spotify's Release Radar and Discover weekly notifications. The email displays the same wrong artist information as does the playlist. Just doesn't seem worth it to be subscribed to these notifications at all if the playlists are broken. 

Exact same issue. I'm in the shower listening to my release radar and this awful "Devo" (Not actual Devo) song comes on. I've got shampoo in my hair and I'm stuck! What the heck!

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my release radar is full of useless-unbearable-garbage  (underlined are the artists shadowed by explicit content and sh!tty hiphop tunes)


stop putting **bleep**  into my ears for my own money!

xxx love


Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


As @Katerina mentioned the best way to report this is by getting in touch with our support team here. They can have a closer direct look at your accounts.


You can also leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to this idea for any updates.


Take care!

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I follow the metalband Engel. But what is this ugly song here? How is it even possible, that I have a song like this on my release radar?


I also follow ronnie james dio. But can you explain to me what this is?

it's again on my release radar. Everytime some songs like this are on the playlist. I don't want them!

This should be fixed! It's very annoying to have this song under new songs from the real Dio.

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Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for the suggestion, but the issue is that that won't and doesn't solve the problem. I got into contact and nothing that was done fixed it. It really does seem like something that is up with Spotify itself (the algorithm or the way artists are tagged--not by ID but name, maybe?), not our accounts.