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Release Radar is ruined and Spotify has failed me as a Music service.

Release Radar is ruined and Spotify has failed me as a Music service.







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Before it felt like Release radar was actually a proper way for me to find new music by bands and artists that I actually wanted to hear from, sure it wasn't the ideal way of getting new music out there but it was at least a step towards the right direction.
It does blow my mind though that Spotify hasn't figured out a more concrete way for their users to get notified by them about new releases but instead given us this sad excuse of a playlist as a compensation, my point is that all of this has gotten worse throughout time and that Spotify hasn't put in any effort to make things better really shows that they do not care about their costumers the slightest.

So let me get to my point: The old UI, at least on the PC version of Spotify had a notification bell on the top right corner, but it never really gave us any notifications about anything as far as I can remember, to be honest I hoped for them to at some point fix it and make it so we could get notified the moment an artist or band released a new single, EP or album to the public, that would have been game changing for Spotify, to make it so people could get in real time notifications rather than having to wait each Friday for some poorly optimized playlist to update which nowadays have gotten way worse for some reason? Before it felt like the option of "I don't like this song" or "I don't like >Artist/Band name<" actually worked, I could click that I disliked something and it would never again be displayed on my playlist as far as I can remember but nowadays that feature is broken and people have complained about it and all we have gotten back as an answer has been some pre-written excuse from Spotify which goes along the lines of "Every week is a new playlist which means that things can reappear even if you disliked it last week" which is the dumbest thing ever! Why not give the users a proper way of getting notified about things they actually care for? Rather than shoving down whatever you can find into the mix, because nowadays I have gotten several weeks of Release radar just giving me absolute trash, from bands I don't even have liked songs from, from artists I never heard of, from artist that has nothing to do with the music I actually listen to, for example I mostly listen to metal and rock but for some reason the past months Spotify have tried their best to shove Ed Sheeran down my throat, and doesn't matter how many times I dislike the song or dislike the artists, like damn I even hopped onto the mobile app and clicked on "Don't play this" on the artist page but even then Spotify would still give me new releases from said artist over and over again, each week but this time they would be greyed out, like why? I can understand that sometimes bands might not release something new so maybe you're just trying to fill the void but instead of filling it maybe just revert back to having a notification bell and simply just make it so if you follow an artist you will get notified about their new releases? Doesn't that make 10 times more sense than whatever you're doing currently? You're a music service for god damn sake so please act like one, make changes for the better rather than for the worse and stop promoting things we wont care for but instead let us sit in our little bubble with things we actually like, please.

Also if this gets deleted for whatever reason, then sure, at least I tried getting my point out there, I just want something to change for the better mostly cause I might be too lazy to switch to another service but you should think that a big company like Spotify should be able to do something more creative with their resoruces and that they should be able to give the users what they want rather than throwing things at you to see if something sticks.

Edited out some of the cursing, Spotify did not like that.

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Hey @Ilivir,

Thanks for posting in the Community!

We understand your frustration with this change in your experience as a user, so perhaps you can share your thoughts and valuable feedback in our Idea Exchange board. It seems that users have already gathered to vote about a similar topic here. We suggest that you head over to this idea and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to it for any updates regarding this. 

Please note that even if a suggestion didn't gather enough votes in order to get prioritized right now, you can still add your vote and comments there and we'll look into it once the idea reaches the required amount of votes. You'll also find all the relevant info about our Idea Exchange and how the Community feedback gets implemented here if you'd like to know more about the topic.

Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

Kiril Moderator
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