Removing Liked Songs and Not Letting me Play Downloads


Removing Liked Songs and Not Letting me Play Downloads

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For months now I have been having issues with my Spotify account. I have had a premium account for years now and only in the past six months have these problems been occurring. The longest running problem is that it seems that every once in a while, although now it is constant and nearly always, I am not able to play my downloaded songs. None of them. At all. On wifi all is fine but as soon as I'm offline none of my downloaded songs will play. It says that they're downloaded and they have the green button but they will. Not. Play. The first few times that this occurred I redownloaded the app and then redownloaded the playlists and my liked songs and that seemed to work fine. But today, just now actually, I deleted the app and redownloaded it, and attempted to redownload my songs. The downloaded songs seem to be playing, but Spotify deleted over two thousand of my liked songs. Two. Thousand. Songs. That were all there before I removed the app from my phone. And when I tried to find one of my favourite albums which I had saved, less than half of the songs were there. So I went to the album and tried to like all of the songs, and it would not let me. It said that they were already liked but weren't downloaded, but they're not even in my liked songs.


I am extremely annoyed, not only because I am paying for this service and I expect it to work, but also that there is no easy way to get in touch with Spotify and resolve this. This is a long-standing issue and though I'm sure this forum is great, it really annoys me that I can't actually get in contact with Spotify at all so that they can walk me through what I might be doing wrong.


If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I have been on the verge of tears for half an hour trying to get some of these songs back, and I don't even know which of the thousands that I have have been deleted. Spotify, I am not pleased. 

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Re: Removing Liked Songs and Not Letting me Play Downloads

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Update: After uninstalling and reinstalling the app AGAIN my saved songs returned. However, the issue that I've been having of Spotify not playing downloaded songs offline is still very much an issue.