Removing songs from "Liked Songs"


Removing songs from "Liked Songs"







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iOS 12.3.1


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The latest update seems to have added a "Liked Songs" list and it seems to have auto-added around 4000 songs to it. These are songs I haven't actually liked or even listened to. It seems to have added all the albums I've previously saved to my library in the previous client version (by using the "Save Album" button).


Also, the "Liked Songs" list doesn't exist in the desktop client, so if I ever want to get rid of 4000 songs in that list, I'm left to "swipe" each song. Swiping 4000 times is not what I want to do.


I'd like to empty the Liked Songs list without going through them one by one, how do I accomplish this?


Also, the mobile client uses terminology "Like" (with a heart symbol) - the desktop client uses "Save" term to accomplish something similar. The discrepancy in terminology for same function on two different devices is confusing.




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Re: Removing songs from "Liked Songs"

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Hey @YoloSwaggington, welcome to the Community.


Hope you're doing great!


Spotify recently pushed an update to the Spotify users which changes the Your Library UI and the way it works. Check this Spotify Answer to learn more about the changes to Your Library.  


Songs in the previous UI is now Liked Songs, in desktop app it's still the same and it should be changed soon to reflect the mobile version. If you had many songs there just please wait as they'll show up eventually, given the huge scale of this update in a user scale that explains that why your saved now liked songs won't show up right away (happened to a friend but they did show up though).


If you would like to remove everything in Songs/Liked Songs I'd recommend using the 

desktop client. Simply navigate to Songs folder in the left sidebar and hold CMD+A (Mac) or CTRL+A (Windows) then either press the backspace button or right click on any song and select Remove from Your Library.


They're always testing and launching improvements and new features, you can learn more here why.


However, if you don't like the new look, please head over to this idea and add your +VOTE. You can always add your own input in the comments there as well 🙂


If you'd like more info on how the Ideas Exchange works, check more here.

Have a nice day 🙂

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Re: Removing songs from "Liked Songs"

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The main issue is that the "liked songs" folder (which is an awesome update btw) contains the songs we liked as well as all the songs of all the albums we saved in the past. 

Which is why our "liked songs"folder contains thousands of songs, rather than just the songs we actually liked.


Would there be an easy way to delete from the  "liked songs" playlist all the songs that were added by saving albums BUT KEEP THE SONGS WE MANUALLY LIKED ??



Re: Removing songs from "Liked Songs"

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Hey dummies not getting the hint. We want to be able to curate all of our favorite albums and shuffle play them. We can no longer remove albums from our liked songs on mobile. Fix that or I’m switching to something else. 

Re: Removing songs from "Liked Songs"


I agree 100% with YannLF.


I would just add that you should at least give us the option to remove an Artist from the "Liked Songs" since I have artists in there which I definitely did not like or listen to.



I don't see how Spotify can also add 100 other songs from an artist simply because I happened to listen to one of their songs, and then think I will like the other 100?! Thats just idiotic.

Re: Removing songs from "Liked Songs"


Chiming in to add my complaints about this new "feature".


I've recently hit my limit of liked songs due to having an "epic collection" of 10,000 tracks. This alone is incredibly frustrating as I see no possible reason why there is an arbitrary (and, I should add, pretty small at that) limit for a cloud music service.


However, despite this, I am still a fan of spotify as a music service and I have decided to go and clean up my library and remove albums I don't really listen to or care about. I've just done this, only to find out that unliking an album apparently does not unlike the tracks contained within that album. This is despite the fact that adding an album DOES add all the tracks contained within that album to my "liked songs". This discrepency makes no sense to me, and frankly is the opposite behavior I would expect and has now put me in an incredibly frustrating position. If I unlike an album, shouldn't that mean I don't want to listen to any of the songs in it anymore? Furthermore, if adding an album to your collection, without adding any particular songs, only took up a single "song" out of 10,000, I would not even have this problem in the first place (frankly, this behavior would be perfect for me as someone who thinks in terms of albums instead of tracks).


Now, I am stuck in the awkward position of no longer easily being able to tell which albums I don't care about anymore, and manually have to sift through 9,300 tracks, sorted loosely by artist or album name, in order to identify all the albums I no longer care about. I am now in a worse position than I was before.


Is there any way you can improve this experience? I can think of a few, and would be more than happy to share if you are interested in hearing it. For one, you could easily add a button, perhaps accessible via right-click (or hold click on mobile), that would allow you to also remove all songs associated with said album. From a systems perspective, all you need is a query that lists all songs associated with that album (which I assume you must do anyway to show the tracks when I click on that album anyway).


Logically, from a music listening perspective, the current behavior makes no sense. Is there any explanation for this? At this point, I would be happy to hear that this is a side effect of system design and data architecture decisions, as that's the only explanation that makes any sense to me.



Re: Removing songs from "Liked Songs"

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I've just cancelled my account because of this nonsense.

Re: Removing songs from "Liked Songs"


This doesn’t solve the problem. We need liked songs to be manual and resettable. We should be able to easily reset it now that you guys have added thousands of songs to the list. It’s a real issue with content curation.