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[SOLVED] Allmost all liked songs disappeared

[SOLVED] Allmost all liked songs disappeared

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I've been a premium member since I can't even remember when, 10 years maybe..

I wont go through all the cool stuff in the desktop app that disappeared and apparently will never come back. Even though you made a nice post and a nice release saying how nice things will be. In spite of simple stuff such as this one, which is not solved , but the post keeps getting replies at least once a week asking for it.. ( How to sort my playlists alphabetically on desktop... - The Spotify Community


But that's not my point of this post. 

So my problem is that apparently the song identifiers have changed once again (yes I already had and asked about this problem few years ago, and the response basically was 'yes , sorry')

My Liked Songs , in my Library, that I like to play in shuffle sometimes, I discovered today that it contains now only 960 songs.


Can I/you recover all my previously liked songs? Without having to figure them out

Note that a vast majority of the liked songs were liked through the import of my iTunes Library, at the start of my subscription, 10 years ago, or so..


EDIT : My mistake, not an issue, actually it was the actual loading time of lists of songs that made me thought everything disappeared, and panic...

To end on a bright side, I like your whole "Made For You" section. But please bring this sorting playlist thing.

EDIT2 : Even though a lot of Liked Songs were added 'an hour ago', songs I liked years ago... Anyway.. Cheers


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