Some songs come up too often in features like "Artist radio" or "Daily Mix"

Some songs come up too often in features like "Artist radio" or "Daily Mix"








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Some songs come up way too often in features like "Artist radio" or "Daily Mix".


For instance, if I go to song/artist/playlist radio, if the original song is some kind of Rock, the radio will sooner or later bring up "Common People" by Pulp and "Children of the Revolution" by T Rex and about a few dozen other songs that are always there.


It is the same for my colleague. Maybe our music tastes are similar and we have Liked similar songs on Spotify because we sit in the same office every day (well, currently not really every day because of the lockdown) and take turns playing music. However it is really ridiculous how the same songs come up regardless of which one of us starts their Spotify radio.


In my Liked songs and my playlists I have a couple thousand songs by many different artists. So I think it is weird that Spotify can't come up with suggestions with as much variety.


The Daily Mixes have similar problems. For the most part, they consist of songs that were in a Daily Mix on the day before.


It is not like these are bad songs, but I am a person who is easily annoyed when I have listen to random songs that I have heard every day recently, or even more than once a day.

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