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Some songs in Liked Songs are missing

Some songs in Liked Songs are missing

Opened Spotify this morning to find that around 50-75 songs I have put in my Liked Songs since July 2022 have disappeared. No idea how to fix as this isn't an issue with "playlist recovery" since the Liked Songs seems to not be included in that.


Edit 2022-11-15: Found a solution by contacting Spotify through live chat -- the agent was able to rollback my Liked Songs by 24 hours. Luckily this did not affect my other playlists that I had made changes to in that timeframe. I did notice however the songs that were restored, were not in the original order I had added them in.


2nd edit: Some songs are being skipped entirely when playing Liked Songs (not on shuffle). The queue does not match with the order the Liked Songs are in. Not sure how to fix.

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Hey there, welcome to the community! Before we move ahead let me know the following:

  1. In-App settings turn on show unavailable songs and see if the tracks are now there but grayed out
  2. Check on other devices like Desktop, Web, etc to see if the songs are available there

Also, let us know your App and Device versions.

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