Some songs redownload every time I open app or desktop.

Some songs redownload every time I open app or desktop.

Almost every time I open the mobile app or desktop application, it says that 10-20 songs are downloading even though I haven't added anything to my library and nothing should be downloading. I haven't been able to identify any of the songs that have redownloaded as they redownload too fast, but I have noticed that if I go to artist pages, some of the songs I've downloaded no longer have the heart icon. For example I could have an entire album saved to my library. When I view the album from my library, everything has a heart. When viewed from the artist page, no hearts. It appears to me that albums and tracks in Spotify's catalogue are refreshing themselves, and my library is left with the old veriosn of the song. But that doesn't sound like normal behavior.

I have seen others make similar posts about redownloading, but my problem appers to be different from theirs. All those posts mention entire libraries redownloading. I'm only getting 10-20 songs. Those posts mention SD cards and I have no clue what they're talking about. Unlike them, my user experience isn't being negatively impacted. All my songs are still in my library and the redownload isn't causing Spotify to lag. So this is less of a 'please help' post and more of a 'what's going on?' post.



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