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Spotify Takes Listening With Friends to Another Level with Jam

Spotify Takes Listening With Friends to Another Level with Jam

Spotify is introducing a more fun, intuitive, and collaborative social listening experience with Jam. Whether you’re together or apart, joining a Jam with your loved ones is now simpler than ever by tapping phones, scanning a QR code, or sharing a link. Premium users can start or join a Jam, and anyone on Spotify - Free and Premium users - can join and add songs to the Jam.

With Jam, we're now taking a step forward with our social features by offering you a unique, new experience to listen together with friends.

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Here's how to listen together, in real-time, using Jam

  • Premium listeners everywhere can start a Jam right away on any non-private playlist or track, through the three-dot menu or from the speaker icon.

  • You can join a Jam by tapping phones together if you're logged in on Spotify and your Bluetooth is turned on.


  • Get personalized music suggestions bringing together you and your friends’ music tastes and add those crowd-pleasing songs to the Jam.


  • Everyone in the Jam can play, pause, skip, change the volume, and add songs. 


  • As the host you can turn off “Guest controls” so only you can change the volume and what’s playing. When all “Guest controls” are turned off, guests can only queue.


  • Anyone invited can add songs to the queue and see who added which song.

  • Joining via share link allows you to select the output device (Premium-only) and listen remotely.


How to use Spotify Jam?

  • Ready for a party? Start a Jam straight in your playlist by accessing its menu in the three-dot, or on the speaker icon (Premium-only).


  • Don't miss out on the fun  - Whether you are a Free or Premium user, you can join a Jam with your friends using a link, QR Code, playing on the same speaker, or tapping phones. 


  • Have no idea which song to add to the queue? Get fresh music suggestions bringing together the music taste of everyone in the Jam.


How to start a Jam?

Premium users can start a Jam by accessing the playlist context menu, device picker, or connecting to a speaker. Users on the same WiFi will receive an invite to join your Jam once you open the Spotify app. You can disable this in the Device Picker. 


Which type of speakers are compatible? 
Any Bluetooth, AirPlay, or WiFi speakers such as Sonos, Bose, Google, or Amazon.


Can Free users start and share a Jam?

In order to start and share a Jam, an active Premium subscription is required.


Can I start a Jam in any playlist? 

Yes, however, you can start a Jam only on public playlists such as RapCaviar, Hot Country, Today's Top Hits, or your own playlists.


How to join a Jam?

Free & Premium users can join a Jam in person by playing on the same speaker as their friends, link, QR Code, or tapping phones (enable Bluetooth Permissions in App settings and turn Bluetooth on for this to work). Premium users can also join a Jam remotely by link.

I have an active Premium subscription and joined a Jam remotely, can I use my own device to listen to music?

Yes. If you join via link, you will get the option to either join on the host device or your own device.


How does this affect Group Sessions and Remote Group Sessions?

Jam combines the group session experiences you might have used in the Spotify app. You can use Jam to listen together, no matter if you are listening together or apart.


Which platforms is Spotify Jam supported?

Spotify Jam is available on iOS & Android.

To use Spotify Jam, what is the minimum version of Spotify required?

Spotify version 8.8.68+ 

Jam is now available globally for both Free and Premium users around the world. We hope that you enjoy this new immersive and enjoyable experience of listening together. 


Do you have questions? Please, comment here. We are all ears for your feedback in this thread!

MateusMSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.
62 Replies

How do i use this feature to listen remotely? I’ve tried with various Jams and only the host is able to hear the music? 

Any chance of the desktop app getting this feature anytime soon?

Link only open the app, not doing anything more ...
And when we are in same JAM, we can listen our musique on our own speaker...

PLS get the old feature back ! 

Hello everyone, I never posted here before, I'm not even sure if I'm in the right place to post this. But, I'm having such a weird issue. I'm gonna try to explain 


I'm listening to a shuffle playlist, A-OK!

I turn off shuffle mode, the playlist starts over. 


I'm in song 222, and I want to listen to song 223, so I turn off shuffle, however, instead of playing song 223, it starts playing from song number 1.


Hope that's not super confusing. I know that people had a similar issue that the playlist would just start over out of nowhere, but I haven't found anyone with the same issue I'm having. 


Hi everybody!


I find the new Jam feature actually quite nice and useful. I use Spotify in 3 ways: personally (headphones on laptop, desktop, mobile, etc.), home on Sonos system (via Spotify connect) and then in the car (via CarPlay). For both home and car use, the new feature is great, as usually there are other people around, friends, family, etc. and we can all take part of choosing the music. Especially in the car. For a long roadtrip this is great feature. Hence my question: is there a way to access the Jam feature through the CarPlay interface? I looked for it, but couldn't find any way. An its inconvenient if I need to use the actual iPhone interface in order to turn the Jam on, and then let the other people in the car join in.

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Hi there @GeorgiP! Thanks for your kind feedback and question, and sorry for the late reply!

Unfortunately, you can't access or manage a Jam through the CarPlay, however, you can suggest an idea here in the Community by following these steps.

If you have any other concerns or questions regarding Jam, you can access the support article here.

Hope this clears things up!


MateusMSpotify Star
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If you appreciate my answer, maybe give me a Like.
Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

not this feature doesn't work! I try with my family ( same account on family offert ) so two premium account ! Can’t change the output of musique… only controll ! 

Now the only thing I need is just friends to test this feature out.







Pixel 6a

Operating System

Android 13

Spotify version:


My Question or Issue

The new Jam feature, often turned on by default when connecting to Bluetooth devices allows anyone on the local network to connect to the session and start playing music. On large shared networks, such as a University Eduroam, this exposes my private listening to hundreds of people, who can play music without any approval from my side. 


This feature can be turned off by unchecking Let others Jam on this speaker but there is no option for the intermediate level of openness:

You allow people you approve play music on your device, such as by clicking a link or scanning a QR code, and not the whole local network. 



This lack of approval to start playing on my private device is seriously concerning security vulnerability. 





Thanks a lot @MateusM , I will do that. I think it will be awesome feature bringing the Jam feature to an even higher level when used via the CarPlay/AndroidAuto interface.

I would like to stop the automatic listing of other devices in the same wifi in "Jam" or at least be able to block foreign devices. I live in a house where the wifi is shared with a lot of people, the display of so many other devices bothers me extremely. Also, I would like to avoid that others on the same wifi can connect to my devices.

Hi mate,

you can, just make sure you’re joining using a link instead of a QR code. Pretty bad user experience I’d say..

I keep getting asked to join a jam for a person I have no idea who it is.  I am on a private wifi network and to me this seems like a security risk concern.  Even more annoying is that I am prompted to join this session over and over repeatedly regardless of how many times I select not now or ignore the request.  

screenshot 10.19.23.png

One such feature is Spotify's new addition called Jam, which allows users to listen to music simultaneously with their friends, no matter where they are. This development has caught the attention of CIPD writers in Dubai who are always looking for creative and engaging ways to connect with their colleagues

How can i turn off the notification that says listen together, i close it but it keeps on popping up and doesn't let me do anything

I need some help, 


I have a premium account but I can't find the button for the groupssession anymore. I know I had it before but now it's gone. Is that part of the update or am I the only one with this issue?

Havn't read the full thread so sorry if repeating, but sharing with the link gives you the ability to choose speaker. Bringing devices close to each other does not work.

Is it possible to deeplink to a create a jam for playlist? e.g. spotify:///playlists/{myplaylist}/jam That would be a great UX feature for integrations like the one im building

I want to report that the feature works as described: When I share the Jam session with a link, people can join and listen remotely on their own speaker. I don't know why it didn't work on some occasions.

So I can't play music over Bluetooth on shared wifi without exposing my data to other users, given that I'm only allowed to turn it off individually by Bluetooth device via the play menu, after it's already connected? Jam should be off by default, and at the very least there should be a global setting to prevent devices being shared upon connection in the first instance. This is a massive privacy problem. I was not even aware my Bluetooth device was viewable by others until someone just accidentally hijacked my music. Luckily there are only about 40 people on this network and I know them, but I don't want this happening in public or in an important professional setting.

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