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Spotify adding songs to my "Liked Songs" that I did not like...

Spotify adding songs to my "Liked Songs" that I did not like...









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Spotify keeps adding songs to my "Liked Songs" library that I did not add. I know it wasn't an accident because it keeps adding KPop tracks and I purposefully go out of my way to not listen to any KPop artists. Is anyone else having this problem or can explain to me what is going on?


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Turning enhance off worked for me.

Enhance is not on…

I do not have enhance turned on. A terrible feature I have never used. Spotify is doing this on its own and it’s not adding “enhanced” tracks it’s just switching songs out with new ones entirely 

Hey @mitchellsmith93,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community.


Let us explain a bit more of what's happening here. It sounds like you're experiencing the Enhance feature for playlists. This feature comes to help those listeners who need some assistance while adding tracks to a new or existing playlist. You can read more on how it works in our article here.


The Enhance feature is optional in all playlists and it should be able to be turned off. If you currently have the Smart Shuffle option, you can turn the Enhance option off by hitting the Shuffle button twice on the now playing view.


If you don't have Smart Shuffle, you can look for the enhance button on top of the playlist and hit it to turn it off. Make sure the option remains grayed out after you hit it.


If after this process you're experiencing this, it could be related to some damaged cache stored on your device. In that case, we'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app by following the steps in this article. This'll make sure you have the latest version of the app and that any outdated files are removed.


Hope this clear things up,



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You misunderstand my issue. As I previously stated in this thread, I do not have the Enhance feature turned on. I have had Spotify since 2013 and I follow over 1,000 artists so I definitely understand how the different extension features of Spotify work. My issue is this:

1. On Friday, when Release Radar updates, 30 songs will be added to my playlist. Most of the time they are songs by artists I do not follow and the artists I do follow who have released new music on that same Friday do not get added to the playlist. I get songs from artists I do not listen to instead.

2. A couple days after that Friday update, I will return to the playlist and the same 30 songs have been switched out for a whole new set of 30 songs from artists I also do not follow. The previous 30 songs that were there on Friday have all but disappeared and been replaced by Tuesday. 

My issue has nothing to do with the Enhance feature and is very clearly a glitch in the Spotify system that is not getting better and only progressively getting worse and hindering my user experience on the app. I’m not sure how to be clearer.

Additionally to my previous reply to this response, I have already performed multiple clean reinstalls and updates on all my devices and am still experiencing this issue across the board.

Hey @mitchellsmith93,


Thanks for getting back to us.


Apologies for the confusion, your initial post mentioned songs being added to your Liked songs playlist, hence the assumption that this is being done by the Enhance feature.


We've now forwarded your issue to the relevant team for further review, however we can't confirm when it will be addressed. If you're also seeing unfamiliar songs in your Liked songs playlist, please let us know and send us a few examples so we can troubleshoot further.


Take care,

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