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Spotify liked playlist including songs previously disliked

Spotify liked playlist including songs previously disliked







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I have recently unliked songs from spotify, but theyre still apearing in my "liked" playlist.

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Are the tracks still saved in your Liked Songs? If so, it's worth checking if there are any apps linked to your Spotify account and removing them by logging in to your account page. It's also worth ruling out any unauthorized access to your account by securing it using the steps in this article.


In case the tracks only come up when you're listening to your Liked Songs, it's possible that you have Smart Shuffle toggled on. The feature adds song recommendations to the queue and perhaps songs you've previously disliked are being suggested by the app. More info on how to deactivate it here.



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It wasnt smart shuffle or other apps or users. They were songs showing as liked in the "Liked Songs" but when youd click on the songs to view the album they wouldnt show as liked. but would still reside in the liked playlist, i also ran into an issue with duplicate songs for seemingly no reason, where liking a song from the album view of a song that was appearing as liked it would create a duplicate. in a similair vein removing songs from a best of album will unlike the song of all versions of the song. i manually went through a trouble shot my liked feed for about 2 hours deleting 1000+ songs in dublicates, previously unliked songs, and re-adding songs suffering from the duplication error. most of the songs that were messed up were added in 2019 or earlier so maybe its a weird glitch but i mostly wanted to submit this as a bug report. I have manually fixed my issue i juist hope something can streamline the process for someone else. Thankyou for the help though

When I am listening to a playlist with smart shuffle, there are times when I would like to remove a recommendation. Thankfully Spotify allows me to do that. Or so I thought.

Repeatedly, I have removed recommended smart shuffle songs only for them to reappear later that same day, same playlist. I find this extremely frustrating.

My expectation as a user is that Spotify will not play songs that I have asked it not to play and that if I tell Spotify to remove a recommendation that it will listen and adjust its recommendations accordingly. Its hard to feel like I'm getting anything personalized if I keep getting recommended music I'm trying to remove.

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