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Spotify plays random music after my first song in the playlist

Spotify plays random music after my first song in the playlist

As the title explains itself I keep getting random songs when I skip or listen to the end my first song in the playlist. And I can never get the second song played in the playlist. Same thing is happening on my phone. I tried logging out and restarting my pc but nothing worked so far.

Here is a link of a video of what is currently happening.


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Hey @Sup3m4,

Thanks for coming to the Community and for the troubleshooting you've done so far.
We appreciate the recording, but we're unable to open it. Try uploading it in Google drive instead.

Can you check if you have queued up songs from before? Make sure you remove all of them prior to start listening. Check more info here.
If you still experience this, it might be caused by an issue with your device's cache. You can clean it by following these steps.


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Whenever I try to play any of my playlists random songs play instead. Sometimes the first song is from the playlist but then everything after that isn’t. I’ve looked at other posts about this issue and tried everything I can to fix it. I’ve reinstalled spotify on all my devices, I’ve made sure everything is up to date, made sure auto play is turned off etc etc but nothing is fixing it. I tried making a short playlist with only 3 songs to test it but that’s having the same issue. This is very frustrating, how hard is it to get the playlist to play songs from the playlist 

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