Spotify recommends 90% duplicates


Spotify recommends 90% duplicates

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It‘s at least for a year, maybe longer, that the recommendations underneath the albums I‘ve saved in my library show basically only albums that I already added to my collection. It‘s as if the recommendation engine doesn‘t check if an album is already part of the library. Can someone else confirm this behaviour? Is there anything I can do sort this out or is it a problem that Spotify needs to address? 

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Hi @bjoern268,


Welcome to the Spotify Community and thanks for posting your questions here.


The Recommended albums that you can display and add to your Liked albums are based on the songs you've Liked.


It's possible that, if you Liked one or more songs part of one album (but not the album itself), you'll be suggested to add it to the Liked albums (under 'Albums') list in 'Your Library' when checking Recommended albums.


It's also possible that you Liked a song which was released on Spotify as a single (an album featuring only one track) and that, subsequently, the song was re-released as part of an album featuring it as well as other songs by the same name of the previously Liked song.


If you double-checked and you can confirm you're getting suggestions with the same albums that are already part of your Liked ones, it'd be great if you'd share with us a video of what these suggestions look like in the Recommended albums list. This will help us look into the issue in greater detail.


We'll look out for your reply!

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Hi Mario,


thanks for answering so quickly! I made a video where you can see the problem:


The first album, La Dispute's 'Rooms of the house' is in the recommended albums although I already have it in my library. The second album, Touché Amoré's "Parting the sea..." is in my library as well but there is a minor difference since in the version that Spotify recommends the song 'Home away from here' is marked as a favourite which is not the case in the version of this album that is in my library. Finally, the last example is the one you described: The song 'Six wave hold-down' by Hot Snakes has been released on a single which is now recommended but I have the album 'Jericho Sirens' ,where this song is included, in my library.

I currently have 33 albums in the recommendations from which I already have 29 in my library and one of them is a single. Which makes 3 valid recommendations in total.

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I just found another strange example:


The album 'Our love to admire" is recommended to me on the Start page but not marked as a favourite although it is already in my library. When I like a track in the album recommended on the Start page it does not get like in the album in the library.


So there is obviously some discrepancy going on between what I liked and what Spotify recognizes as 'already liked'... 🙂