Spotify won't load or play anything on my android


Spotify won't load or play anything on my android







Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System

Android Nougat/7.0


My Question or Issue

(9/28/19) This morning when I opened spotify everything wasn't loading, so I gave it a minute to load. Once the playlist I wanted to listen to "loaded" I hit shuffle and the first song started playing, I went to skip it and the title and album art changed but it continued playing the last song, I hit pause and it didn't pause. I closed the app and the music still played. I opened the app again, the song still playing, and this time the currently playing screen wouldn't come up, my screen would just be the dark grey of the spotify background. If I just let the songs play without touching pause or skip, spotify bricks my phone requiring me to hard restart. I've tried everything, reinstalling multiple times, restarting my phone, I even factory reset my phone, all to no avail. What do I do in order to get Spotify to work again? I just want to listen to 80s rock. Sidenote, Spotify seems to work fine on my desktop, it's just my phone thats been having these not loading, crashing, lagging, and bricking issues.

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Hey @That1BritishKid,


Thanks for describing the issue in detail. 


Although you have reinstalled, we would strongly recommend you to run a clean reinstall. This is different than what you have done and can boost the performance of your app significantly. 


Please let us know how that works out for you!

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