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Sunsetting New Episodes

Sunsetting New Episodes

Hey folks!

You may remember that a few months back we tested removing the ‘New Episodes’ from ‘Your Library’. Starting today, we’ll gradually be rolling out this change in order to simplify finding new releases from your followed podcasts and artists! Use the ‘What's New’ feed (the bell icon on home in mobile) to find the latest episodes from your shows, as well as releases from your favorite artists 🙂!




‘What’s New’ is the best place to keep up with the latest releases from your favorite artists and podcasts as they happen. Take a look at these steps to make the most of it:


  • Follow all the artists and podcasts that you want to see in your feed. You can do so by searching for them and hitting the “Follow” button from their artist or show page.
  • You can access the What’s New feed by tapping the bell icon at the top of Home.
  • When you see a blue dot on the bell icon, that means there is something new to check out in your feed.
  • You can filter between new releases for music and podcasts.



For any additional questions you may have - take a look at the below mentioned FAQs:


What happened to New Episodes?

We removed New Episodes. You can now find the new episodes of shows that you follow by tapping the bell icon on Home. The What’s New feed makes accessing your new episodes quicker because you can find it right from the home tab.


New Episodes had a section for episodes that were in progress. Where can I access episodes that I want to continue listening to?

There are a few places you can find your in-progress episodes on Home:

  • What’s New (for newer episodes that will still be there)
  • Recently Played (clock icon on home)
  • Within your shortcuts (at the top of home and the podcast feed)
  • You can always search for your specific shows too.

Will What’s New have the same features as New Episodes?

You can still take all of the same (and even more) actions by tapping the three dots (...) next to every episode in the What’s New feed, including:

  • Mark as played
  • Share
  • Add to queue

Can I auto-download podcasts?

Yes, you can turn on auto-downloads for your podcasts so that you always have the latest episode to listen to, even offline. To do that, go to the settings on the show page of your favorite podcasts and tap ‘Auto-download episodes’. Then, you’ll find downloaded episodes in Your Episodes. You can manage your auto-downloaded shows in the settings for Your Episodes.



We’d be happy to hear your feedback about the change!

If any further questions come to mind, do let us know in the comments below.

All the best!

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48 Replies

The user experience**bleep** with this ”solution. If  anyone cares.

After accidentally closing a pop-up that mentioned the new podcast episode playlist when adjusting my glasses I was shocked that the playlist was gone. I use the new episode playlist constantly so I would love to get it back asap, I've gone through the settings and can't find an option related to it. I noticed the “what's new” section on the home page but it's laid out in a much less user-friendly manner than the new episode section and does not have the continue episode bar like the new episode playlist had, so I would rather not use that. Any help getting the playlist back would be appreciated!

Just been added to this test apparently, as my New Episodes playlist disappeared. 

This update is trash, it is harder to get to, the unplayed filter doesn't work most of the time, and there is no autoplay for the entire list so each episode just replays when it's finished.


Is it possible to opt-out or swap back out of this?

My New Episodes list just went away and I am NOT happy. I used it literally every day, several times a day. Based on the "solution" I will now have to click on the bell, then podcasts, then unplayed... and when I do all of that, I can't see the episode descriptions. This is not an improvement in any way. And here I am wasting my time trying to solve a problem that you created. Blah.

The new episodes list was easy to use and my most common list.  I'll know where to find the new episodes because I read this but good luck having new users understand where to find new episodes from their favorite podcasts.   Ease of use just dropped.

Got some notifs on a new wave of folks added to this "feature" - to those of you who pay for premium and primarily use Spotify for podcasts, vote with your wallet and cancel your subscription. There was not a sufficient workaround to this and no way to revert, so I cancelled and switched to Google Podcasts. It's not perfect, but it is free and gives you a timeline of new episodes. I haven't used or paid for Spotify in months. Make sure you let them know why you cancelled.


This is a worse interface. I want to see a list of all unplayed episodes of podcasts that I follow and I want them to drop off the list after I listen to them. You had that. Now you don’t. This change makes your platform less usable. 

Did a UX team do any research before this change was put in place?


Why are you actively making the user experience less intuitive?  


Also - if you are going to steer people to the 'What's New' at least offer the same information - there is no synopsis for the podcast episodes there like there was under 'New Episodes'.


I went through this once last year, and was happy with 'New Episodes' materialized again a month or so later. 


Please make this happen again.

This new setting sucks, not only can I not find my new stuff in my library, hate using the home page, but now it doesn't clear podcasts out of the new area after you have listened to them, you aren't really seeing what's new.

And know you're trying to force us to use your terrible designed home screen by removing this feature? F right off. This App gets worse with each day passing. 

The new way to see new way to fund new podcast episodes absolutely sucks and makes it a headache, instead of played episodes disappearing and just pressing play and cycling through the episodes, now I have to search all the new podcast and select each one I want played? This is dumb, always loved spotify and now I'm just paying for a headache unless there's a way to change it?

Being forced to use a feature clearly designed to market content, just to get new podcast episodes, leaves a bad taste in the mouth. This is not acceptable for an app I pay a subscription to use. Please bring back new episodes!

The ”solution” in this thread is to go to the bell and click on whats new, and there you can view new episodes that you haven’t listened to. But it sucks. 

Agree. This update for new podcasts sucks! Bring back the new podcasts button

This update is worse and making experience of listening podcast difficult. Bring it back please.

Can you please restore the New Episodes section? The What's New folder is really clumsy and inefficient, I hate it! Please restore the New Episodes section. 

I hate this please give me my tab back this is terrible why is it just now happening in my phone?!!


Please return the 'New Episodes' playlist to the 'Your Library' section. I have podcasts that I haven't listened to from earlier in the week that I can't get to without going directly to the podcast itself. I used to be able to scroll through the 'New Episodes' playlist and clearly see what I had or hadn't listened to. Now I have 'New Episodes' section on the home page but it only holds 14 episodes and my backlog is way more than that. You should at least be able to click on this section and be taken to all of your podcast episodes as a list in chronological order.

Now to view all of them in order I have to press 'Podcasts & Shows' from the home page to filter out everything else. But the problem with this is you have to scroll through a bunch of tiles that take up the whole screen all so they can squeeze in these 'Popular with listeners of' suggested podcasts with hopes of keeping you engaged and on the app longer. I don't understand this change. Now I have to go through a bunch of extra steps to figure what's new and what I haven't listened to yet. I wish I could opt out of this change because it does nothing for me.

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