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Transferred from Apple, now library is full

Transferred from Apple, now library is full

Long time AM user, just transferred my library to Spotify premium using TuneMyMusic (should be easy!). My library was over 10,000 songs, so I now cannot add or like new songs. I would like to undo the transfer and start over but cannot find any way to go about this, at least not easily. I am finding it very difficult to navigate my library, but maybe that's just me being used to iTunes/Apple music.

It looks like every song transferred was Liked, but the "Liked Songs" list is not able to populate (I imagine because it is so large). The only option I can find within Liked Songs is "remove from liked songs." Which I also imagine will not delete from my library. 

Albums and Artists both only have about 100 each. So...where is the music that I transferred? Is there a better way to transfer my library? Is there a (better) way to navigate through my library? Apple seems to have accomplished at least one thing better than Spotify...

My plan I guess is to organize first in iTunes, then transfer to Spotify. 


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U did the right choice, leaving AM for Spotify
Once u know everything it is easy to use

If u want to clear your favorite songs list, u should use an application on your Computer. There u can use key combinations to mark all songs and remove them at once. For me that'd be Strg + a to select all and Strg + x to cut the songs out.

That should do it for the likes...

Your followed artists cannot be easily be erased, but I think that's for the best... They will just influence your song suggestions... Release radar etc.

Best wishes, stay save AND CALM,

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