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Unavailability of Songs from Some Popular Artists

Unavailability of Songs from Some Popular Artists

Spotify Newly launched in India and to my surprise I dont find Songs from Popular Artists like Ed Sherran, Bruno Mars, Anne Marie, Gnash, Coldplay and many others until I understood they were made unplayable dont know why but the same songs are available on all other services here in India. Hope you guys sort your issues with audio rights and stuff cause it just sucks to get a Spotify Premium Subscription (as it is available on almost all devices I own) just to find out I won't be able to listen to music from some of my favorite artists which I could do in other country versions of Spotify. Hope u fix it fast.

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Hi, on 14th January 2020, Spotify & Warner Music Sign Global Deal, Ending Dispute in India!
So Now we Have to wait until they processed the songs. May be Weeks or two.

Same problem here i am from india and stil not able to hear songs even of some famous artists too. Even other music apps have those songs in it . And the problem still persists.

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