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Usability of UI under Linux

Usability of UI under Linux







Operating System

Linux Mint


My Issues:

1. After upgrading desktop version I can't find my 'liked' songs of a given artist. Previously it was like this: I click on an artist and I've seen immediately ALL songs from all albums which I marked as 'liked'. I was just able to start playing all the songs I like from that artist.

Currently: I click on an artist, I get bunch of uninteresting information (for me) but I can't find nor start playing my favorite songs!

Now - I ask you to give me a simple answer - is this a feature or a bug of new user interface?


2. Scrolling - lazy loading is a very bad idea and it kills experience. Now I can't simply take a scrollbar and move with mouse to the end. I would have to repeat it hundred times to reach the bottom of my library.

Of course you can say I can scroll... but it requires a lot of scrolling too.

Why did you change something what was working well?

Again, simple question - is it a feature or a bug of new UI?


3. Why are you making your UIs less usable? The above addresses desktop app, but the same happened to iOS app - for example:

 - it had a nice letter-index for songs/artists/albums on the right, so it was easier to jump under a given letter. And now - I have to scroll what is again less user-friendly... And in this case I'm pretty sure, it is a feature.

 - previously clicking on the artist has shown list of liked songs. Now I have to click on the artist and then again on the liked song. What's the reasoning to make this kind of UI?


Please answer points 1 & 2 because I want to know if Spotify has stopped being suitable for me and I should find something else.


Kind regards,


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Hey there @max1983,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this.


Take into account that we don't actively support Linux, so the features can vary from other operative systems and the behavior of the app can be different. We recommend checking out our Linux help board for suggestions from fellow Linux users.


Regarding the app on iOS, we're always testing new features and general improvements for the app. We're sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been as expected. We really value your feedback and we'll make sure to pass it on to the right teams, as it helps us to keep improving the app.


We hope this clears things up. We'll be right here if you have any questions or need a hand with anything else.



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