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WRAPPED 2021 incorrectly says my #2 song is crocodile rock

WRAPPED 2021 incorrectly says my #2 song is crocodile rock


Paid plan - Canada


Serious issue... Accidentally left crocodile rock playing on repeat and left the house with it still playing. Now my wrapped 2021 has it as my #2 song. I really hate that song... how can i delete it from that playlist? Jesus wept.


This has already been the worst couple years, and now my wrapped 2021 is poisoned too...


I know this is just a simple sql query for your devs to set the listen count to 1 .... have mercy my dudes!

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Hey @joecinco,


Thanks for posting here.


Your Wrapped is based on your account’s listening history. There is no option to remove songs from the playlist.


If you want to find more information about Wrapped and how your most listened to songs and artists are ranked, you can head here


The Community is here for you if there's anything else!

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These are the wages of sin I suppose.



@Ver Is this the reason why we can't rearrange the order of the Wrapped playlist either? (I'm unable to create a fresh topic on the main page as the page keeps refreshing.) Would like to be able to rearrange the songs (not remove). Pretty lame there's no option to do so.

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