What Happened To My Downloads?!


What Happened To My Downloads?!

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Laptop and iPhone 11

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Windows 10 and iOS 14.0.1


This is just ridiculous. Today I was using Spotify on my laptop, like any other day. I had to go out for a bit so I grabbed my phone and opened Spotify there and what did I see? Nearly half of all of my playlists had been automatically undownloaded! I had to go back through all of them and toggle them all back to download. It amounted to over 2,000 tracks (many local files and many quite long) over about 40 playlists. It took about an hour to redownload it all with my slow internet, and I was very annoyed. Then, about two hours later, I was outside listening to Spotify when suddenly the music stopped. I opened up the app to find that the playlist I was listening to had undownloaded again, along with a bunch of other playlists I redownloaded too! I have absolutely no idea what is going wrong as everything has been working fine until today. Hopefully this doesn't continue because it takes absolutely forever to redownload my playlists just for them to undownload a few hours later. I would really appreciate some help.

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Re: What Happened To My Downloads?!

Casual Listener

This is still happening, although to a lesser degree. I am getting really tired of this **bleep**, and honestly I'm thinking I don't want Spotify anymore if this is how its gonna be from now on. I would really appreciate some help!