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When does the personalised 'top tracks this month' update itself?

When does the personalised 'top tracks this month' update itself?

Duo, Premium, based in the UK.


Using iPhone XR, MacBook Air 2021

iOS 16



I just want to know when the personalised 'top tracks this month' updates itself? I ask because I have had one particular song on repeat for two days...I now know that I have listened to this song more than any other song in my library, however, it is still on number 23 in my 'top tracks this month', which doesn't make sense.


Any ideas? Thanks a lot! I just want to make sure my stats are all working okay. I've tried uninstalling the app etc. but am thinking it might just be the fact that the list hasn't updated itself yet.

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Hi @planethunter,


I currently do not have an answer for when the Top Tracks This Month playlist updates, but I have asked some of my peers and will respond when I get news. This post however encouraged me to do some a few searching and I came across this thread as I was curious about how exactly the list is populate, and it appears that there are multiple factors and some that are behind the scenes that I don't know about, but I am curious if you listen to your particular song all the way through, because that is one factor that does affect the top tracks list. I'll be in touch!



From my observation it updates mid night at 0.00 daily.

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