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Where are my Top tracks? I wan't them...


Where are my Top tracks? I wan't them...

Hi, hello, tjena!


Somehow my Top tracks playlist have been lost. I can see "the artists I've been listening to" (at the top of my profile) but not the specific songs. I've ticked the box "Make my Top tracks playlist public" but it's not showing up. I've restarted, logged out, etc., but nothing... Plz help. Thanks!


Ps. Dagens i-landsproblem...


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Good news!


A new desktop app update with a new design is currently rolling out to all users. One of the new features is the ability to view personal stats on your own profile and you can see your current top artists and songs for the month (visible to only you at the moment and only available using the web player / new desktop app)


You can see the following by going to your profile in the desktop app / web player:

  1. Top 10 artists this month
  2. Top 50 songs this month

While it would be awesome to see more detailed stats and even the ability to see these same new desktop stats in the mobile apps, this looks like a great start.




You can read more info about the new desktop app in this news article:

Introducing a New Spotify Experience Across Desktop App and Web Player 


The desktop team also has a blog post in the community about it:

The New Desktop App

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This bug has been reported several times and it's being looked into.


In the meantime you can access the same list by going to "Top Lists" in the sidebar of the desktop client. 


For tracks and albums change the view to "for me".


Remember this list is updated weekly so it may not be up to date if you've been jamming to something a lot for a few days.

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Thank you for your answer!


The Top lists-method worked out for a couple of weeks but now it's blank (only "for me" though, I can see "my country" and "everywhere"). Another bug I suppose? Strange!

Hey there, we've removed Top Tracks lists for the time being. We know they didn't accurately reflect what you were listening to, with some users ending up with really embarrassing tracks there by accident, so we've taken them out. Hopefully we'll be able to bring them back, better than ever, before too long.


Edit: feel free to create a account and scrobble your Spotify listening data with them. Their Spotify app (or their website) is great for keeping that kind of stuff updated with the exact number of times you've played tracks.


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FYI. I created an app the lets you generate a playlist based on your top tracks.

I am also working on an android app with more features. Coming out very soon!


wow, thats nice!

This is great! Is there any way you can make the option to make the playlist based on the previous 12 months most popular as well as 4 weeks and 6 months?

so happy right now! tweeted a thanks to you and hashtagged #spotitracks Cheers mystery person, you've made my day 

Thank you for this Killerbytes!!

That's really cool! I like it!

I am 100% for it - wanna have a look back in a few years 

Same here. Please bring intelligent playlists like itunes already has since ages.



Like you i felt that this feature was sorly needed on Spotify, that's why I created Top 50 tracks! This tool will automatically create a playlist for you containing 50 of your most favorite songs. It may not be exactly what you were looking for but it is the best solution I could create using Spotifys own API.

Happy listening!

Hey ho lets go. Wow. Gonna try it... THX

I wish they still had this!

Hey. I have found the trop tracks again. Go 4 searching but somehow again

Hey, I recently made a website where you can view your top songs and artists and download your top 50 tracks into a spotify playlist automatically. This should be able to do what you're looking for.

Did you change the website URL?

Hey there,


We've removed Top Tracks lists a while ago. There are other ways of displaying your favorite music, such as creating a public playlist with your favorite tracks for others to check out.


Spotify sometimes gives out statistics and customized playlists through different campaigns. One of them was Wrapped where you could see and share what you've been listening to throughout the year. Just make sure to have the right email registered on your account page, and keep listening to music to be part of these campaigns. 


All the best!

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