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Why can't I see smart shuffle or enhance?

Why can't I see smart shuffle or enhance?

I log into Spotify, make a playlist, and tried to enhance it. I noticed that the enhance button was gone, and after some research, I found out it had been replaced by smart shuffle. I did all the steps to enable it, and no smart shuffle. Either I'm doing this wrong, or I'm gonna be stuck with short playlists for a while.
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That's correct, the "Enhance" button was replaced by Smart Shuffle. Keep in mind that this feature is rolled out for all Premium users, and it's the default play mode on mobile devices for Free users in Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, and Vietnam. You can find more about it here.


If your account meets any of these criteria, to activate it, just use the Shuffle button to switch between regular play, Shuffle mode and Smart Shuffle.


Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.


Thing is- I don't use premium and live in the US. That means I should have enhance and not smart shuffle. But I don't.

Thanks for clarifying that @ReeseyBeestey!

I'm afraid that while using the Free service, you'd only be able to use regular shuffle, except on certain Spotify created playlists such as Made for You.


Stay tuned to the announcement here where you'll see the updates once the Smart Shuffle feature is rolled out everywhere.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


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