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Why can't i add podcasts to my playlist?

Why can't i add podcasts to my playlist?







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There isn't a option to add a podcast to my playlist, how is this possible?

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Hi there @jordidauw,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Adding Podcasts to a playlist is now available on iOS and Android mobile app versions.

You can get all the info needed on how to do it through this official Spotify article.


However, as you haven't stated the platform in use, make sure to add your +VOTE to this idea in order to promote the same feature on the Desktop version.


Bear in mind that if you're unable to view the option under the three dots on the available devices, i recommend you make sure that your app is up-to-date.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions:)

How can I add RSS podcast?

You can add podcast episodes to your playlists, but not the whole show at once. You could add all of them individually.

Hey there @Nacho844,


Thank you for reaching out to us. We'd be happy to help you with information about how you can add a podcast to your playlist.


You can find the steps on how to add a podcast by clicking here where you'll find all the relevant info regarding the Podcast experience on Spotify. 


If that doesn't do the trick it would be great if you could let us know the following details:

  • Version of Spotify
  • Device/devices this occurs on
  • Operating System

Keep us posted. We're always one reply away 🙂



I'm running version on a Windows laptop. When I click the three dots to attempt to add an episode to a podcast, the option is not there. I can do it from my phone, but it would be nice to do from my laptop as well.

spotify-no-playlist for podcast.png

Hey there @ccheever,  


Thanks for posting here and sending us a screenshot.


It's currently not possible to add or remove podcast shows to your playlists on the Spotify desktop app.


However, you can follow @OneByBoo's advice and add your +VOTE to this idea suggesting the feature to become available on the desktop version as well.


Hope you'll find this helpful. We're always one reply away if you need us.    

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