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[bug] New album shown for different artist.

[bug] New album shown for different artist.

Spotify keeps telling me that the 80's rockband 'The Cult' has released a new hip hop album.

There seems to be a bug in Spotify where new album releases are matched based on the artist name, not it's unique ID. As a result, Spotify is now telling me that the 80's rock band 'The cult' now has a new album called '**bleep** A DEADBEAT', which is actually an album by a female rapper who also happens to call herself 'the cult'.

The bug part is that Spotify is actively showing this rap album as a release for the rock band. So it is actually showing the hip-hop album as part of the rock group. See the attached screenshot. The artist displayed is the 'real' artist, the album shown below is from a different artist.

It seems to me that Spotify is matching the band based on the name (a string match), where this should happen based on the unique artist ID.

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In this case we suggest that you have a look at this article under Broken or incorrect content and follow the steps that's provided in there.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away.


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