can't play songs, only shuffle playlists


can't play songs, only shuffle playlists

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I'm recently having a problem where the only way I can play music is through albums or playlists. I've tried with MULTIPLE songs, but no matter what I search, each song will come up but WILL NOT have a Shuffle Play button to press-- Only the "How can I play this song?" that leads to asking for premium. On desktop I can look up songs and play them just fine, but on my phone it will not even display the button on songs. I quite like shuffle play on songs rather than albums because I can listen to new music, a big part of why I use Spotify. However, that functionality is now ruined. Is this happening to anyone else, and is there a fix? I already uninstalled and reinstalled again, with no luck. Screenshot shows how it comes up on ANY song I look at individually.

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Hi @leukodaemon


You can't choose a song to play on mobile if you have Free account. 

However, you can add it to a playlist and then shuffle that playlist.

Shuffle is not available for a single song, it works only on playlists, albums and artists. 


If it comes to desktop, you can play the songs you want, even without Premium subscription, but they will be interrupted with ads. 


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Somehow it seems the problem sorted itself out just today? I searched the same song as I did beforehand and it now displays the "Shuffle Play" button with it I'm used to seeing. I still have no idea how this happened, though. The Shuffle Play on songs on the app (as I've used it as a free user) acts like how it does on desktop, where you just play a song and it then uses algorithms to keep the music going with a shuffle of other songs (from what I assume), albeit on the app it won't always start with the song you look up. Also, ads, which I don't mind too badly.


I guess problem solved, for now? It's still quite strange though.



I had the exact same issue. I think it just happened randomly in the middle of the day- one minute the "Shuffle Play" button for songs is available and the next, it isn't?


Then all of a sudden it's available again - I just checked.


Keeping in mind that this function (shuffle play for individual songs, not just playlists/albums/artists) is also available on Spotify Free. Maybe it was just a glitch?