followed artists not displaying in my library


followed artists not displaying in my library







xiaomi redmi8

Operating System

Android 9 PKQ1.190319.001


My Question or Issue

I am currently following about 1.350 artist. I like to save the songs or albums I like by artist to be able to find more content by them easily. When searching in my app library I miss some artist I started to follow days before and others I have followed for years. If I search them in the smartphone app I have to follow them again (they appear in the library for a while but later they are missing once again). However, in my laptop, they are not in the library but if search for their profile they do appear as followed. Finally, in the webpage it looks like every artist are displayed in the library.

Is there any reason for this to happen? How can this be solved?

Thanks for the help

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I don't have a solution, more just added more information for me particular problem. I have exactly the same issue, with some of my favourite bands not staying followed (e.g. Glassjaw, Thursday for examples that I noticed just today). Occasionally, they stay followed for a short amount of time then revert back. Doesn't matter if I follow them on the Android app, the web player from several different PCs or from the Windows program. This is despite logging in and out, clearing caches, restarting devices. It isn't a limitation on the number I can have saved as artists I have followed since have remained saved.

This problem constantly pops up on this forum, but it is never addressed apart from "wipe your account and start again". I have put a lot of time and effort into my account, with loads of playlists and followed artists that I wouldn't want to recreate again from a clear playlist. It is this inertia that is keeping me with Spotify at the moment, so if I am told that the only solution is to start again, then it is bye-bye Spotify and I'll take my money elsewhere.


Edit: And to top it off, as I try and post this I get "an unexpected error occurred".


This is really annoying, I just started a new account and trying to get everything set up from another service, and I go to my artist and there are so many that I know I followed just.. not there??? When I go to the artist page it says I'm following but it's not in my library. I'm doing it all from the web browser as it's better for my personal workflow for what I'm doing on the computer. 


If this has been a issue for so long, why hasn't it been fixed?? 

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Hallo Zusammen
habe das gleiche Problem. Verlasse mich dass ich einen Künstler folge und ein paar Minuten später ist er aus der Bibliothek wieder weg. Eine Limitierung habe ich nicht gefunden. Warum das Thema nicht aufgegriffen wird ist mir ein Rätsel. Wo kann dies plaziert werden?
Cheers Joe

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Hey there @Galen007, @marabaker, @yamneko and @Wuschel1505,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out here.

Start off by performing a clean reinstall of the app on your device since this will get you the latest updates and refresh all app functionalities including saving artists.   


It's also a good idea to try logging in with a different Spotify account on your device to check if it's an account-related issue. No worries - in case it works you'll need to create a new Spotify account, but you can transfer all settings and saved contents from the old one. Check out this Spotify Answer on how you can do that.  


Keep us posted. We'll keep an eye out for your reply.  

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I just got a new Account. The first thing I did was to Follow a couple artists, Peter Hammil and The Decemberists. But when I go to My Library / Artists is is empty! This was using the web client on Chrome on Macbook.


When I view the Developer Console it is full of Java Script errors. This happened on two different MacBooks.





Hi there @philburk,


Thank you for your post here in this thread.


In this case we suggest that you clear your cache and cookies to start with.


If that doesn't do the trick - can you try with a different internet connection to see if the issue persist?

Another useful step to try is to follow the artists from an incognito/private window.


Let us know how it goes.


Take care!

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I tried to reply earlier but my Post failed.


Anyway, Incognito worked, and now a regular window also works.


Hi there @philburk


Thanks for keeping us posted.


We're glad to hear that it's working properly now!


If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.


Have a good one 🙂

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