my best of decade playlist contains *NOTHING* I hear


my best of decade playlist contains *NOTHING* I hear


Hi, Spotify recently added the "best of your decade" playlist.

Problem is, my playlist contains nothing I usually hear. Some of the artists I have absolutely no idea who they are, while most of the ones I know are just the opposite of what I usually hear and I simply HATE them.

being also a user, I have checked that the most recurring artist in my listening which is also featured in the playlist is Caparezza, with about 35 listenings, while the majority has from 0 to 3 listening *SINCE YEAR 2005*

here it is the playlist:

has anybody any idea about what could have happened and if there is a way to recreate it in a better way?

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Re: my best of decade playlist contains *NOTHING* I hear

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Hi @FabioNapodano

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

The Best of the Decade For You playlist might contain some songs or artists that you've never listened to, since it's a regionalized playlist with the best tracks of the 2010s.


If you want completely personalized playlist, I'd recommend your 2019 Wrapped playlist. 


For more details on that, check this article


I hope you'll find this useful!

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Re: my best of decade playlist contains *NOTHING* I hearwe


well that's quite funny way of "regionalize" playlists: a friend of mine who lives at less than 10 kilometers from me has a completely different playlist which is fully adherent to her tastes.

probably you don't mean "regional" in a geographical way..?
yes, most of the authors in "my" playlist are italian, but still..
I think most of the misunderstanding comes from the translation of the "best of the decade for you" title in italian, which is "il meglio del tuo decennio", which literally translates to "the best of your decade", which leads to think that the playlist is tailored to personal tastes; a better translation would be "il meglio del decennio per te", which is anyway still misleading in my opinion.

thanks anyway for clarifyng.