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not all of my favorite tracks are appears in the history in my library (floating bug)

not all of my favorite tracks are appears in the history in my library (floating bug)






1. Xiaomi Note 10 Android Smartphone

2. Apple Ipad 2

3. Windows Desktop with Widows 10 Pro 2004 64bit

All Spotify versions is latest on all devices


I use Spotify on three devices: Windows desktop, Apple Ipad, and Xiaomi Note 10 smartphone.

For 2,5 months here and there, I noticed that the likes that I put when playing on a Windows computer do not appear on my smartphone and iPad at all. Nor in the track lists nor in media library in liked tracks history. Less often, but this has happened when I play tracks on my iPad. As a rule, only the smartphone "does not fail". When I put a like on my smartphone, it instantly appears on the corresponding tracks on the other two devices. 

About a half an hour ago, I listened to Spotify on my computer and again noticed that likes are not transmitted to the smartphone and iPad and media history on these devices.

Now I decided to put all three devices side by side and play tracks from the Daily Mix in turn on each of the devices, watching how the likes marks on the current device appear on the others. Surprisingly, for now when I played different tracks on different devices and put likes on a specific current track on the current device, these likes appeared on the other two devices almost instantly.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Spotify Connect is always enabled on all three devices. And if Spotify is enabled on all of them, then I can see how it is selected on the other two devices when playing the track on one device. However, in certain situations that are not clear to me, some of the likes marks are "lost" altogether. In other words, they don't appear in your library in the list of your favorite tracks at all. Has this ever happened to you? Where to dig?

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Well, less than 5 minutes passed and the bug returned.

Look at the photo I just put a like on the song Loan Me a Dime on the computer. On the smartphone that I photographed all this, the like appeared instantly, but on the iPad, which I put directly to the computer monitor, as you can see, there is no like. And still not while I write this and attach a photo.


missed like on ipad.jpg

Here is a today's experience.

I listened to music on the computer because it was more convenient for the moment. I liked the track Too Much Alike, then listened to three more tracks and started listening to the fourth one. At the same time, on the smartphone that took this photo, tracks were switched via Connect almost instantly, only the like on the above track was not displayed.

However, no like on Too Much Alike have been displayed on the iPad so far, and the tracks haven't switched. All devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Rather, the smartphone and tablet are connected to the same network, the computer is connected to the router by a wire. But an hour has passed, and I'm sure more will pass, and my like for this song from the computer will simply be lost. This is a terrible bug that I have never seen in any of the similar Russian or global services


Hey @artur-galanin,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here!


We hope you don’t mind us replying now as we just stumbled upon this thread. Such issues usually mean that the app has difficulties with synching your account between devices.


Could you give these steps a go and perform a clean reinstall on all devices. That way all app files get built anew and there should be any problems with synching your account.


If the issue persists, it's would be a good idea do connect all devices to a different network and see if that makes a difference.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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