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only play 10 songs in playlist and repeats them

only play 10 songs in playlist and repeats them

will not continue playing, goes back to first song and after 10 songs starts over again
7 Replies

This sounds like what's happening with me. Its similar to an issue that occurred a couple of months ago but seemed to get resolved (& indeed the thread is showing as resolved). The differences on this one are:

  • Seems to be only happening on my Android App (previously this was occurring when I was switching back & forth between the mobile app, my desktop player & a TV - I have not been doing this here)
  • It seems like the repeating songs are not showing up in my recently played/history lists, which makes it very difficult to prove this is happening (I do have some evidence now though)

A symptom (or perhaps possible cause) that may or may not be different to the previous issue: It seems like this is occurring where my phone connects to my home wifi network (on which my PC with the desktop player is also connected). ie. I drive to & from work, playing Spotify on my phone, come home, phone automatically connects to my wifi network. Next morning, I jump in my car & the same songs start playing over again. As I mentioned above, I have not been using the desktop player in between.


Note: The android app is on the latest update.


As I mentioned above, I was able to capture some evidence of this, which has not been easy

The first screenshot is from my android app's recently played/history for Monday March 27 2023. Note the first song at the bottom of the list - 1000hp by Godsmack. The second screenshot is my android app's queue for the songs that were about to play AFTER the songs in the first screenshot. As you can see, they're the same.


Whoops! Forgot to add the 2nd screenshot!


Hey there folks,


Thank you for posting here in the Community.


First off, we'd suggest logging out > restarting your device > logging back in to see if that'll make a difference.


It is also a good idea to clear cached files following these steps as sometimes corrupted data might interfere with the app's performance on your device.


In case the issue persists, could you ask a friend or a family member to log in to their personal account using your device to see if they can reproduce this? This will help us understand if it's account related or not. 


Let us know how it goes. We'll be on the lookout for your update. 

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This is definitely still happening after logging out & logging back in. I haven't cleared my cache. I will do now but I doubt it will make any difference - this is clearly a case of songs repeating when I disconnect or reconnect to my home wifi.

I'm not making a "friend or family member log into their personal account using" my device - what an absolutely ridiculous thing to suggest. I will just permanently switch to Youtube Music before I make a "friend & family member" jump through hoops like that.

Clearing my cache did seem to help for a while but yesterday I caught it happening again. I actually saw the queued song change when I picked up my phone, so I was able to get screenshots. First screenshot is my recently played on my desktop client, which I was playing there from Foo Fighter's The Pretender. Of these songs, I manually added Pantera's Cowboys from **bleep** to the queue myself. Second screenshot is the queue list from my phone (Samsung Galaxy S22). Note the time on each device - exactly the same. My phone is about to play the exact same list of songs (aside from Cowboys) that have just been played on my desktop client!



Hey @DJ_Click,


Thank you for keeping in contact and for the screenshots you shared.


This looks like an issue related to the communication between your devices (Connect feature) taking into account that the desktop is not recognizing the playback coming from your phone as the "available devices" button is not green. This means that the desktop app is adding the songs to the "Desktop queue" and not the current queue you're playing on your phone.


This issue has been already reported and the relevant teams are working on a fix, but we don't have a date for a resolution yet. Feel free to add your vote by hitting the "Thumbs up" button and subscribe to this thread to be aware of any updates about it.


It's also worth trying the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the floating answer to see if it makes any difference.


We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask.

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This is still a problem, despite the the thread referenced saying the issue is resolved (& yes, my app is up to date). I feel like my issue & relates (at least in part) with my song history no longer being stored on my. Incidentally, that is annoying in itself, as if I want to see what I've just played or even skip back to a song that has just played. But the issue with songs repeating when I change device is much worse. This is actually ruining my entire listening experience & negatively impacting me emotionally, as it did this morning when I jumped in my car & had the last 5 or 6 songs I'd listened to last night replay, which put me in a bad mood all day. When your app is impacting my emotions like that its now its reaching a point where its essential that I stop using your app. The fact that its reached this point beggars belief!

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