"New episodes" Playlist disappeared


"New episodes" Playlist disappeared









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On my Spotify version (Germany) there was a change (Guess Layout change) of the "New episodes" playlist. In the library the playlist was highlighted and with each opening a popup appeared with information about the change. Since this annoyed me, I pressed a appeared "X" near the playlist in the library, in the belief to disable the info about the innovation.
Since then, however, the "New episodes" playlist has disappeared from my library and can no longer be found or reactivated.


How can I show the playlist again?

Thank you!



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Hey there,


Thanks for all the feedback!


The removal of the "New episodes" section is a test we're currently running. This is why some of you may see the section while others don't.


As a substitute to this feature, there is the option to find the new episodes of the podcasts you follow by selecting "What's new"  (the bell icon you see next to settings on mobile devices). Filtering by podcasts will yield similar results and you can filter by unplayed episodes as well. At the moment this is only available on the mobile phone app.


We'd also be glad to relay all feature feedback on this test to the respective team.


Hope this clears things a bit,




Screenshot for clarification:


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iPhone6s / MacBook Pro (2019)

Operating System

iOS 15 / MacOS Monterey 12.4


My Question or Issue

Usually, when I went on library --> podcasts, the section "new episodes" would show, where I could see the latest episodes of all podcasts I follow. This section has disappeared for some reason -- both on the mobile and on the desktop version. Is there any way to bring this back?


Hey @shrimperator,


Thanks for posting on the Community 🙂

We’re always testing possible improvements, so you or someone else may see something new or get a limited feature temporarily on the app. We appreciate your feedback and we'll pass this along to the proper team. 


Meanwhile, you can find the new episodes of all the podcasts you follow by selecting the What's new feature (the bell icon you see next to settings on mobile devices). You can filter per podcast there. This is only available on the mobile phone app at the moment.


We hope you found this helpful. Let us know if you need anything else. 

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I've been looking for the "New Episodes" playlist as well and I would love to have it back. It's a hassle trying to navigate to each individual creator and look for new episodes. Please bring it back. 








(iPhone 13

Operating System



My Question or Issue

The other day there was some sort of notification of Spotify podcast updates and ever since then the folder listed “new episodes” has disappeared on my phone app. I have tried to search for it and have had to luck. How can I put the “new episodes” folder back on my phone? That is how I prefer to organize my podcasts. Thank you! 



Hi, I just noticed this same problem. I no longer have a New Episodes option in my app. I have to go to each individual podcast’s page and either add those episodes to my play queue or my episodes. And the list of podcasts isn’t always accurate on last updated dates. This is infuriating!! Why would Spotify remove this?!?!


I am in the US and am with you on this, Spotify folks PLEASE bring the new episodes list back. I cannot figure out which of my shows actually has new episodes because the updated date is incorrect. I use the new episodes list nearly all day every day so this is really throwing me off.


Also, the old setup had a few sentances of the episode content so you could easily see if you wanted to watch it or not. During the brief time I was able to see the new setup before it disappeared, there was no episode description available so you had to click on the show to see details. Now I can't find it at all, and it's made the app frustrating to the point of switching to something else. 


Yes, they have moved new episodes to “What’s New” on main page. But it is so much worse. Played episodes won’t disappear, list is much less compact. I’ve been using “New Episodes” daily and this is frustrating me! Guess it’s time to move listening of podcasts somewhere else.


Spotify please bring this New Episodes list back, it’s so frustrating and I will now have to look at other podcast providers due to this . 
It’s insane , what product developer thought there was an benefit to this upgrade … I understand the company needs to sell new functions that increase audience views/hits to media under ‘what’s new’ but this new update is removing a basic functionality within podcasts.


please please bring it back 


Hey folks!

Thank you for keeping us posted!
We'd like to ask you for the following infos:

  • Your device
  • OS and app version info
  • Since when the issue persists and did anything specific happen before the change (the pop-up or anything else that comes to mind)

Thanks in advance!

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Right?? This just doesn't make sense. I am thisclose to losing it- I don't need the added stress, ha. Looking at other music apps now too, since I primarily use Spotify for podcasts.


This is obviously an intentional change, not an error. BRING BACK "NEW EPISODES" LIST.


This is not a bug. You have made it on purpose. Please, make an option to hide played episodes, at least.


I am not a fan of this update, it’s impossible to view only unplayed podcasts


I, too, am not a fan of this change. There seems to be an alternative for mobile, but no options to do this via Android Auto. This is basically a deal breaker for my use of Spotify. 😞


The New Episodes tab was my favorite thing about the app, and the What's new page completely removes all the best features! I really hope they add it back, otherwise I'm probably gonna stop listening to podcasts on there. 


Hi, I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S10e, OS is Android version 12, and app version is This started for me on Monday morning, so almost exactly 48 hours ago. Google Play says Spotify updated 2 days ago, which lines up.

Unlike others I never got a pop-up and I'm not even seeing this "What's New" section on the main page. I sometimes see "New episodes" but it contains episodes from shows I've listened to once and do not follow, as well as older episodes from shows I do follow.


I've been a devoted Spotify listener for years but am seriously considering switching to a new platform and ending my premium subscription if this isn't brought back, as I almost exclusively use it for podcasts these days.


Hi Vasil, I was an iPhone 13 mini, iOS 15.5 and use Spotify premium. The “new episodes” playlist disappeared about 5 days ago after a pop up banner showed in the app about new podcast features. Please bring back the new episodes! Otherwise I will probably go back to a different podcast app. Thank you! 


Allow me to clarify anything specific that happened before the change. NOTHING!

I had regularly used and relied on the New Episodes playlist in my Library.

One day, I wake up and it's a "new" feature. This means I had to click away a pop-up EVERY SINGLE TIME I touch it. At least twice for each time I started a podcast. Maybe 3. So I also got annoyed and clicked the x to stop the pop-ups.


I asked tech support how to reload it and they were useless, clueless time wasters. Log out of your account, log into this dummy account, help me make sure it's not a problem with my device. 

Just figure it out yourselves and fix it.

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