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"New episodes" Playlist disappeared

"New episodes" Playlist disappeared








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On my Spotify version (Germany) there was a change (Guess Layout change) of the "New episodes" playlist. In the library the playlist was highlighted and with each opening a popup appeared with information about the change. Since this annoyed me, I pressed a appeared "X" near the playlist in the library, in the belief to disable the info about the innovation.
Since then, however, the "New episodes" playlist has disappeared from my library and can no longer be found or reactivated.


How can I show the playlist again?

Thank you!


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I have the same problem and I am furious. The "New Episodes" folder is gone in my iPhone app AND online at for a few days now and it makes my podcast management impossible. I am subscribed to dozens of podcasts and I want to quickly decide which new ones to add to "Your episodes". I switched from the Apple podcast app when it was broken and now I may need to go back to Apple if this doesn't get fixed asap. PLEASE MAKE THIS A HIGH PRIORITY!
I thought Spotify identified podcasts as a key business segment for future growth. You are driving your paying customers away to your competition!

That is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Why on earth would you test a new feature by removing a current feature that people use daily? Bring back the new episodes playlist. 

Hi Vasil, I have a Pixel 6 pro and use Spotify premium. The “new episodes” playlist disappeared about 5 days ago after a pop up banner showed in the app about new podcast features. The Pop up kept showing up each time I opened my Library and wanted to give me a tour of the new features which I didn't see anything new except that now you cannot get rid of the podcasts after you play them or if you don't want to play them.  They were stuck in the New Episodes list where in the past there was a check mark that you could select to remove the podcast episode from the New Episodes.  Please bring back the new episodes the way it was before! Otherwise I will probably go back to a different podcast app. Thank you! 

Please bring it back! There was no problem with it, it was a very useful tool to have to listen to podcasts, and I agree with the others that it’s a really unfortunate knock against the platform to have removed it. iPhone and Mac user here. 

My podcast engagement has whittled down to basically zero because of this. I can’t find new episodes while I’m in my car because I can’t fiddle around trying to see if something is of interest. 






iPhone X

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iOS 15


My Question or Issue

When I opened the Spotfiy app last week, I saw that the "New Episodes" folder/playlist that I had been using as my podcast queue has been removed and I'm now being directed to find podcasts on the "What's New" page. I am able to filter that list down to just Podcasts & Shows, but I'm finding that the episodes of the podcasts that I've listened to and that are marked as "played" stick around the queue instead of disappearing like they used to the "New Episodes" playlist. (The ... menu doesn't seem to have a remove from list option.) I'm finding this rather annoying, as I don't always listen in release order and I know need to spend more time figuring out what's actually new. I also have podcasts that I've "liked" but don't necessarily have time to keep up with right now, but they're now in the "What's New" list and I can't get rid of them unless I un-follow them. I miss the simplicity of looking at that "New Episodes" page and having only a handful of items listed, which I could easily trim down as I listened to each episode.

Agree 100%

I hate this change. It's significantly worse. Change back.

Please pass along the feedback that this "possible improvement" is absolutely terrible and has me looking to switch to a new podcast app. 

Hey there,


Thanks for all the feedback!


The removal of the "New episodes" section is a test we're currently running. This is why some of you may see the section while others don't.


As a substitute to this feature, there is the option to find the new episodes of the podcasts you follow by selecting "What's new"  (the bell icon you see next to settings on mobile devices). Filtering by podcasts will yield similar results and you can filter by unplayed episodes as well. At the moment this is only available on the mobile phone app.


We'd also be glad to relay all feature feedback on this test to the respective team.


Hope this clears things a bit,




Screenshot for clarification:


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That does seem to provide the same function we've all got our knickers in a twist about, but I'd still quibble about the rollout.


We all relied heavily on the New Episodes folder in our library.

You didn't tell us to click on the What's New bell on our Home page.

No, you attached some annoying pop-up to the old feature calling it a new feature.

Then, when we got absolutely fed up with the pop-up and clicked the x to make it go away, we lost our New Episodes folder forever.

And, again, nothing told us we could get the same functionality with the stupid bell on the home screen. 


So please send the feedback that the test succeeded in pissing people off and failed to provide them with the information they needed to find the functionality they wanted.

And, hey, I pay for this service and rely on it quite a bit.

How about not using me as a guinea pig when it screws up the functionality and pisses me off?

Please/thank you.

Sorry, but your “test” sent me back to Apple’s Podcast app. Next time you choose to

I’ll be back for the occasional Rogan episode, as Apple fixed their app…. 🤷


Please bring back the "recent episodes" option. I am all about embracing change when the benefit is obvious, but you have removed one of the most used features of spotify

Thanks for passing this on. This "What's New" section mostly works, however I have a couple questions. Is there a way to hide episodes you have already played? The New Episodes list had an option to mark as played that would remove the episode from the list. Marking as played doesn't seem to hide episodes from this view.


Also, how do I get Spotify to keep playing from this list? I used to select the oldest episode I wanted to listen to and let it play up to the latest one, but it seems to just stop after one episode now.


I would still greatly prefer the new episodes section to be returned because it was more compact, showed a short description of the episodes, and was located in my library. I can tolerate this change but I'm not happy about it.

"What's New" is a useless jumble. Bring back "New Episodes."

Spotify trying to fix what isn't broken as usual. 

Same here. Spotify should employ less people because from here it just looks like they're looking for stuff to do. Give me back my new episodes or I'll leave.

Listening to podcasts on Spotify was a seamless experience and this just made it so much worse... If nothing else at least bring back the episode descriptions.


Ugh, I just realized that I can't even mark an episode as played without clicking on the little hamburger menu first... Seriously, this is just an all around worse experience. Why?!

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