"New episodes" Playlist disappeared


"New episodes" Playlist disappeared









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On my Spotify version (Germany) there was a change (Guess Layout change) of the "New episodes" playlist. In the library the playlist was highlighted and with each opening a popup appeared with information about the change. Since this annoyed me, I pressed a appeared "X" near the playlist in the library, in the belief to disable the info about the innovation.
Since then, however, the "New episodes" playlist has disappeared from my library and can no longer be found or reactivated.


How can I show the playlist again?

Thank you!


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The new way is dumb. Put the new podcast Playlist back


Don’t do this. 
Please stop. 
This is Instagram level nonsense and your podcast base will lose listens, especially when you all are producing you’re own right now. 


Hi Dian, 


I wanted to add some feedback to this thread. If Spotify removes the option to have the “New Episodes” playlist, I’m going to move to another music streaming service. Customers should be able to select a listening process that works best for them, so I’d recommend giving users the option to turn the playlist “on or off”. Since it’s the end of the month, I’ll be switching ASAP. Please consider adding it back! 



Tell the team that is is a terrible change. I can no longer keep up to date on my podcasts. The  notification bell only goes a week back- what If I need to catch up on more than a week worth of episodes? I will not be using Spotify for podcasts if this change is permanent 


I’ve gone back to Apple Podcast. Far better app anyway. 🤷


The only way to see all new episodes of all the podcasts I follow is to click on the bell, click Podcasts and Shows and then click Unplayed. And then it only plays 1 episode at a time. So then after the episode finishes, I have to manually go in and play the next one.


The New Episodes playlist operated as a place where you could listen to everything new in one place, you had to click into the playlist and then click Play on any episode for it to continually play. So you've taken a 2 click process and turned it into a 20 click one. For those of us who listen to podcasts for a large chunk of our day, it's made it very time-consuming. What other easy option is there now?


I don't know how you determined this is a feature that you should mess with. Do you not use your own product the way your users do? I think you need to do some Design Thinking and understand your customer. Why don't you try floating these ideas with real-life people who use your product before you make decisions that affect them?


Yeah, this might not be a big deal in the scheme of things, but the principle is you're taking away useful time saving features with no justification. If there's a reason, tell us. We might not like it would be easier to understand.


This is not a solution, it is a clunky work-around... Please just bring back the old playlist.



as a power podcast listener, you have made the app unusable. Please ask the product team how do they expect power users to find new episodes from the dozen of podcasts they follow- this forces them to be on top of new episodes weekly or else it’s a 20 step process to download new episodes. What’s the point of deleting the new episode playlist? What benefit is the team expecting to see? I’m a product manager and this is just plain stupid and alienating power users and as Spotify plays more in the podcast space and wants more users to be podcast power users- this is stunting growth


Please bring back the New Episodes Playlist!


Please just bring back the new episodes playlist!


Agreed, lost this playlist and can't find it anymore. Very unintuitive. I moved to Spotify to listen to podcast because it was seamless. Scrolling all of "What's New" isn't convenient. Might have to move over to google to listen to my podcasts or some other app since no one like to support RSS feeds. ThAnKs sPoTiFy


The new episode feed for podcasts is no longer showing up. 


Please bring back the "new episodes" list. The " what's new feature does not have the same management features, like marking a podcast as played in order to remove it, nor does it play like a playlist, which is very annoying.


Hi! Can you bring back “new episodes playlist” for podcast. I did what was told and I still can’t filter it. Also, those are unnecessary steps. I don’t want to be notify when a new episodes come out. I just want to log in and look on my own time. Going to use another podcast app for now


This sucks. Bring back new episodes


Please bring this back. It is really difficult not seeing the individual episode content in the new episode list.


We finally had the icon for the playlist of new podcast episodes after long waits... to remove it, I'm very disappointed. At least to leave as an option to the limit.

Thank you for replacing the icon of the playlist of new episodes for the podcast !!


Hi Dian, thanks for the reply to the community.  What is the goal of the test?  If Spotify is looking for feedback, it seems like an overwhelming number of users prefer the Playlist option for "New Episodes" for podcast.  I would definitely vote to bring it back, though I do see you're substation option also works.  


Is there a way to remove played episodes by default when using this new What’s New feature? 


Hi Dian, could we please please please get the new episodes playlist back? On a playlist the new podcasts just all play in a row but if I use the bell option you mention one podcast runs and the next one doesn't automatically start. It's really annoying that I have to manually press play on each of them whilst getting ready in the morning! If this is still in testing please revert it!!! 

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