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"Try a new show" not updating in Your daily podcasts

"Try a new show" not updating in Your daily podcasts

In the playlist "Your daily podcasts" there is an item called "Try a new show" followed by an episode of a show I don't follow. I don't mind this function to discover new shows, but it has not been updated with new shows in months. So, any idea of how to get rid of these items (or to make it work again)? Thanks!


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Hey there @pequenik,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


Could you try logging out and back in to your account two times in a row? This prompts a resync with our servers. If that doesn't fix things it's a good idea to expand your library by following different podcasts and liking their episodes. That way you'll jump start the algorithm and should start seeing new suggestions after a while.


Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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Hi Mihail,

Thanks for your suggestions. I have logged out from all devices and logged
in again a couple of times now, and the items are still there. I do follow
quite some shows, but I'm not using the "like" function.

Since this item hasn't been updated since March, and I've listened to it
several times going through the list, I think this is a glitch, so, unless
this is a generic issue, I'd appreciate if someone could go into my account
and check it out. All other items in the playlist are being updated with
fresh episodes.

The episode in question is "Alex Goldman has a curious voice", which is the
March 10 episode of the podcast Inside Voices:

[image: Screenshot_20201112-150104.png]

Many thanks and Kind regards,

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